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    Which fork bearing cups needed for a Felt frame?

    Thanks for all the help, it is a semi-integrated headset.
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    Felt fork headset needed

    I need to buy a complete headset for my Felt aluminum frame cruiser, if you know where I can find one, please let me know. Thanks, Dave.
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    Which fork bearing cups needed for a Felt frame?

    They are 1 1/8, but the bearing cups I have are to small a diameter to work. I need to find bearing cups that are 42.8 mm or 1.68 inches.
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    Which fork bearing cups needed for a Felt frame?

    Trying to change the bearing cups and bearings on my Felt cruiser, having a hard time finding the right size. Any help with this is greatly appreciated,Dave.
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    State 650b Klunker

    Nice looking bike, looking at one myself. It seems new models won't be shipping for a couple of months.
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    Ruffian frame?

    The Ruffian frame is the one they are using for their e-bike. I'd like to purchase one, but their web site doesn't list one. The Basman frame is different from the Ruffian.
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    Ruffian frame?

    Can you buy a Ruffian frame from Ruff Cycles? Just on the web site, no listing for one. Thanks for any help on this, Dave.
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    2020 GT Pro Series 26" Heritage Series

    Where can I get a set of those tires? Very nice looking bike.
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    powder coating question

    Thanks for the responses, I’m going to contact the original powder coater and see what they suggest.
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    powder coating question

    Once a frame is powder coated, can it be stripped, and how easy is it? I have a frame powder coated, and would like to change the color. Thanks for your help, Dave.
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    What size fork?

    Thanks for the replies, I think I’m going to try a 24” fork and see how that works out.
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    What size fork?

    I want to put a BMX-style fork on my Felt cruiser. The bike has 24” wheels on it, should I go with a 24” fork or a 26” ? Thanks for your help on this, Dave.
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    **FOUND** Felt MP handlebars and 24" Felt rims and front hub.

    I will take the front wheel with a black hub, let me know where to send the money, thanks.
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    26" Felt 50mm silver front wheel

    Still looking for rims or front hub from Felt.
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    Felt Frame-Monster Energy, El Guapo

    Would the rear wheel be for sale?