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    1931 Claud Butler track bike

    I'm just going for a rebuild as everything is original. The spokes were a little rusty so they have been replaced. I need help, advice, ideas regarding the wire wraps that were on the spoke crossover points. Now a days they use 5 wire wraps that are then soldered. My original crossover...
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    Sun metal products, inc. steel wheel K-Mart.

    Cool find
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    1960 Something

    I had the 24 inch version of this.
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    Spray booth

    Painting is done until summer, after the bug die off. They are XC skiing.
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    Spray booth

    My son figured out away to erect or tear down his booth in 11 minutes. He did some re-engineering. It has been real cold, even by our standards, since September with a lot of snow, rain and wind. The day before yesterday it was cloudy and humid but got briefly up to 48 F, which was the highest...
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    How to treat or remove RUST

    Put Ospho on it and the rust that remains will be etched and converted to iron phosphate. do this after scraping off rust but before any paint.
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    Faux retro pedals

    Someone with more know how than I have needs to start making these. I thought there were new ones available about 7 years ago but perhaps they were just old left over parts like mine. Now they appear to be fairly nonexistent, if that’s a possible description. Mine are really nice, made of rubber...
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    Faux retro pedals

    The original blocks on these pedals were advertised as pvc but ridged as a brick. Anything flexable would be a big improvement. Its pretty bad when your foot shoots forward off the pedal.
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    Faux retro pedals

    Seven years ago new replacement rubber pedal blocks were easy to find. I just looked on eBay and they are hard to find, expensive and used. Unless you have blocks this is not an economical project.
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    Faux retro pedals

    They weren’t penned. In fact they had no locking nuts and came apart easily. I’m going to put on thread lock later today. There are no brand or other markings on the pedals or the hard slippery plastic blocks. Of course they have metric, #8 bolts. There is no play in the bearings and they spin...
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    Faux retro pedals

    I got these 1/2 inch pedals on eBay. I saw they were bolted together Instead of crimped. I took the bolts out, removed the hard slippery pedal blocks and put in some vintage rubber blocks that I inherited from a bike shop that went out of business in 1960. They now look like NOS vintage pedals.
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    The next major buildoff?

    I’m originally from Sault Ste. Marie, USA. I used to cross over to the Canadian side at least once a week for dinner or to ski. I remember when Canadian Tire had CCM bikes. We bought a lot of stuff from CT. I remember crossing on the ferry, before the bridge was built. My parents remembered...
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    1940 Schwinn / Sayre - former yard art- "Toad"

    I have placed a thin layer of open cell foam over the dense closed cell foam. I also made a mold of the pan with the closed cell foam out of drywall plaster. The seat, two foam layers and leather were pressed into the mold with spray contact cement and the leather pulled tight and trimmed and...