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    1HP ELGIN ''UndeadCustom'' FINISHED!!!

    Some awesome craftsmanship on that tank.
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    "Ebola" stretch Chopper (Weathering)

    Here's how it sits right now. The basic weathering is done but more on the way. I'm far from done here.
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    "Ebola" stretch Chopper (Weathering)

    By building model airplanes. :)
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    "Ebola" stretch Chopper (Weathering)

    Sorry, I've been sick lately and the crappy weather has kept me indoors today making prints in my darkroom. I should be good to continue this week.
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    1969 Foremost (Raleigh) sex change

    Looks like it was originally made that way. Great conversion.
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    Heavy Metal

    Nice clean job. :thumbsup:
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    *Silent Assassin* - Rear Fender Added

    That is one sick build.
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    BMX chop/stretch/rat

    This is insane. Great work. Love that full wrap front fender.
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    Night Owl

    Great looking ride, love it!
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    Has been Schwinn Twin

    Love the ghetto weld idea. Nice project. :thumbsup:
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    1969 Huffy Super Stock 'V' restoration: Complete!

    Fantastic job indeed. I would have begged to ride it in 75, :thumbsup:
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    "Ebola" stretch Chopper (Weathering)

    Started to do some weathering. Although nature will take it's course at some point, it doesn't hurt to help it along. I use to do this when building models and it is quite interesting to do on such a "big" scale. You need some brush, oil paint, gloss and news paper, lots of thinner. I actually...
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    "Ebola" stretch Chopper (Weathering)

    Oh that is such a good idea! Definitely a huge maybe.
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    "Ebola" stretch Chopper (Weathering)

    Most probably this symbol will end up somewhere like the "saddle bags" when I figure out what I'll be making those out of.
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    "Ebola" stretch Chopper (Weathering)

    So got real busy today. Managed to paint the frame so I can have my canvas to start putting it back together. I used bail wire as a back up for my McGyver bolt job before I taped over it. Now the fun part begins. :)