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    Sturmey Archer 3 speed shifter, cable, and indicator chain

    I have a SA chrome thumb shifter available if you are interested. If so email me at
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    WTB - Custom Seat Post

    I can make you a seat post like in the photo. If you are still looking email me at
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    WANTED: Schwinn middleweight or lightweight fork

    I have a schwinn lightweight fork for $15 + ship with caliper hole. If you are interested email me at
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    Murray Fork

    I can set you up with a murray fork and headset and even a handlebar stem if you are still looking. Email me at if you are still looking.
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    FOUND: AMF renegade frame?

    I have a chainguard available that has nice paint and is original if you are interested.
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    WTB: Ugly and unloved frame.

    I have a 50's jc higgins 26" mens black in color frame with fork and badge for 100 shipped if you are interested.
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    Lightning Dart tire

    I have a nice single ww lightning dart available. If you are still looking email me at
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    1960 Ladies Frame

    I have a og blue 26" girls bare frame with just the metal part of the tank bolted on but it is 1965. If you would consider it email me at for a photo
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    Prewar/early postwar 20" fender

    I have a pair of 20" balloon OG paint 20" 20x2.125 tire fenders with stays available that are colbalt blue and red. I would only sell the pair together and if you are interested email me at
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    JC Higgins Parts

    I can help you with a jc higgins chainguard. If you are interested email me at
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    16 inch wheels or rims Found Some. Thanks!

    It is chrome but the chrome will need cleaned up some. It is complete.
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    16 inch wheels or rims Found Some. Thanks!

    I have a rear wheel that measures 12" diamiter which I believe to be a 16" wheel available that is complete if you are interested.
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    Tan or Cream grips

    I have a vintage pair of coke bottle grips that match the seat. They are nos and made out of a tile floor type material. If you are interested email me at
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    Spaceliner deluxe parts

    I have a nice pair of spaceliner chrome dropcenter wheels with bendix redband hub with sears allstate spaceliner whitewall tires as well as the crank with bearings and hubcap. I also have the rear rack and rack reflector. if you are interested email me at
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    recent nos seats never used $50 each + ship

    Have these 4 full size seats available for $50 each + ship. PM or email me at if interested.