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    I am a bloody idiot! Please help!

    Look like BMX style,
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    Wanted Huffy Thunder Road #4
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    Pullman Motorbike

    Picked this up a few days ago, Had 27 inch lightweight rims on it and crank. removed those and cleaned it off a bit. Any ideas on the year or value as is.
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    Columbia built Western Flyer Newsboy

    1964 News Boy, Sadly gone
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    Someone in Ohio Needs to jump on this. Dyno Ultra Glide 75.00
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    20 inch parts F/S

    If anyone is interested in any of this please make an offer. Need the room.
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    20 inch parts F/S

    Lowrider style Tailpipes 10.00 plus shipping
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    20 inch parts F/S

    16 inch Rim, tire and fender for 20 inch springer fork 25 plus shipping
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    20 inch parts F/S

    2- 20 inch bent springer forks, 15.00 each plus shipping from 48135 Springers are SOLD
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    Help with a 1950s Schwinn American

    Some 1953 #`s are the same as 1957#`s Example #`s for 9/26/1953 B17901-B20750 Next 1/14/1957 B18549-B22094. Middleweight Schwinn`s did not come out till 1955.
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    Help with a 1950s Schwinn American

    Looks like a 1957 American to me.
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    Fat Motor Rat

    Saw this on CL in Detroit this morning.
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    schwinn spitfire

    Most of the Schwinn Badges I`ve seen are screwed on not riveted. But I agree it looks to be a Columbia.
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    1955 schwinn stingray

    I`m gonna guess a early Corvette.....
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    1983 Raleigh R2500 now with pics

    Cleaned,lubed and ready to ride!!! Will be going on CL