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    Micargi Bronco Chopped Cruiser

    Thanks Toro! I like it, just need to get a better solution to the rear wheel situation, the power is just too hard on IGH's over time, they just can't take the heavy cargo loads & BBSHD power very well, my second Shimano Nexus Inter-3 IGH is already starting to slip in 3rd :rolleyes: Going to...
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    Micargi Bronco Chopped Cruiser

    So I thought I would make a thread for this build (they are never done you know hehehe) because I had a wild hair give me a great idea on how to better attach my cargo pods (coolers). Right now, I have a pretty crazy mix of scrap I just had laying around and had to come up with something quick...
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    My Ruff E-Cruiser build

    Nice! Which 3-sp IGH are you using? I have a Shimano Nexus Inter-3 ... but I think I am going to switch to a fixed gear or single speed hub, just not wanting any chance it will go out on me, I know I could live with it stuck in 2nd (1 to 1 ratio) so I am positive I could live with a single speed.
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    New build! (gathering the parts, and so my watch begins!)

    So I don't have anything other than links to show so far, but I finally found a decent looking cruiser frame with disc that I like! Going to add a Lunacycle BBSHD with Hot-Rod settings on this guy too...
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    My Ruff E-Cruiser build

    Very smooth, love the frame and the way you French'd in The electrics, What motor and battery BBSHD I'm guessing?
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    So I joined a LONG time ago, forgot an Intro!

    Hello all! I'm LI-ghtcycle (short for Lithium Ion Cycle) on most forums, got my start building Ebikes about 10yrs ago, and wanted to share my latest creation! The rear hub in this pic is my now defunct NuVinci N171b (it started making a growling noise and vibrating the whole bike it sounded...
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    rat trike build

    Love it! Best part is the Weber grill fender! :cool2:
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    WTB suicide shifter for Nexus Inter-3 IGH

    Here is a style that I like, but mainly I just want one that fits the look of my cruiser thanks!
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    Gentle Cleaning Saving Patina?

    Hello! I'm brand new to restoring an old bike, and I really want to keep this one as original as I can: I'd like to safely remove grease and dirt with out harming the paint/finish and properly lubricate everything. There are...
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    Where's all the electrics!? :-)

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I will soon have an Electric kit for this bike, but first if anyone can help, I'd LOVE to find out what model of JC Higgins this is? Or should I start a new thread for that?
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    Where's all the electrics!? :-)

    Hello there, I'm new to the whole vintage/rat-rod bike thing, and I'm particularly interested in powered bikes, and I just got the opportunity to restore/build a bike for my dad, and I want to make sure I do it right! Here's my latest project (really my first vintage bike, I ride 80's vintage...