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    Can you straighten a frame?

    I got hit on my Typhoon over a month ago and it now has a slow curve on it. Not sure if it'll be worth it but have you guys fixed anything like this? My sprocket is jacked though, it bends over the frame so that's toast. Rear wheel is bent too. I'd like to straighten that up to keep it because...
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    My first Firestone

    So free on FB and she followed me home. 24binch girls bike missing rear fender and chain guard. 4 or so spokes missing and chrome is flaking off. Pedals are generic so were the hand grips. The odd serial number is found on the bottom bracket. Any thoughts on year or am I looking at the wrong number?
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    New guy in Vegas

    Just another guy with old bikes and I love them. I'll post pics. 1969 schwinn typhoon 1952 schwinn something