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  1. legburner

    The Mini Pink Safari

    Hey all, this is my first vintage build which is for my 4yr old daughter. I have no idea what it is but the guy I got it from said it might be a Monarch Rocket but i kind of doubt it. I found a similar bike which was a Murray, so I'm thinking more in the lines of that. My daughter loves pink...
  2. legburner

    PLEASE HELP ID: My first vintage rebuild

    Hey all, I'm in the process of building a bike for my daughter and I'm starting with this bike I got on craigslist. The guy told me it's a Monark 16" Rocket girls bike from the 40's and 50's but I'm having a hard time confirming. Can anyone help identify this? Thanks.
  3. legburner

    Big Daddio and the Meat Wagon

    Here's the Big Daddio and the Meat Wagon finally done... for now! It's an 06 Electra Rat Rod frame with bent springer front end, 24x3 tires and other misc parts. It has a Nexus 3 speed shifter mounted to the frame for suicide style. The Meat Wagon started with an old bike trailer frame...
  4. legburner

    Grip shift converted to suicide

    Hey all- wanted to show the suicide shifter I made using the stock grip shifter by nexus. Here are the picts. As you can see I made the part of the handle using two layers of hard cedar. Before gluing the two pieces together I drilled the hole in one and notched it out to fit the shifter...
  5. legburner

    Big Daddio got a face lift

    Hey guys- Just wanted to show my latest. The Big Daddio bike got a face lift. Used a bent springer fork on it, which jacked up the way it rode until I figured out how to lock the spring action. This allowed me to use the standard 7" crank rather than going with the 6". I put a Shimano Nexus...
  6. legburner

    How should I gear this thing???

    Hey Guys, I just installed a bent springer fork to my Electra Rat Rod and it completely changed the dynamics of looks and ride. After doing so I quickly found that I needed to change the crank to a 6" rather than the 7" stock because of sparking pedals. :shock: I know find that it's not as...
  7. legburner


    Hey All, Anyone know where the new Kickstand Magazine is? There don't seem to be any updates on their website for a while and I've only recieved 2 issues. My biggest concern is that they were a fly-by-night mag that had an excellent concept but lack of funding to continue. I hope not as I...
  8. legburner

    THE MEAT WAGON, Not so green

    THE MEAT WAGON. Does this qualify for saving the planet? I'm riding a bike, not driving a car.
  9. legburner


    Hey all, Been some time since I posted here but myself and Halflink have been working on a little something for our group rides. It's our tailgater BBQ trailer and it NEEDS A NAME. I'll open up another thread to get some help on that issue. Anyway, heres what we used: Stainless Steel Keg...
  10. legburner

    Central Cali Cruisers "Cruising Christmas Tree Lane"

    Cruising Christmas Tree Lane Please join us Wednesday, December 10th for a cruise on the Lane. We will be meeting at the corner of Shields and Van Ness at 6pm. Ride begins at 6:30pm *Show your Christmas spirit and* decorate your bike. Santa may just reward you!
  11. legburner

    Central Cali Cruisers 1st annual Xmas Bike Build Give Away

    Hey all Central Cali riders, The Central Cali Cruisers Bike Club is having it's 1st annual Christmas Bike Build Give Away. More info will be posted soon with the logisics of the event. We will be working with a local church in Fresno that tends to the needs of unfortunate families. As a club...
  12. legburner

    Central Cali Cruisers with Cam Twisters in Fresno

    Hey all, Long time no talk. I wanted to let you all know that we have been invited to participate in a car show Saturday, September 20 at Riverpark shopping center in Fresno,CA. The car show will be held on top of the two level parking structure and this is being put on by CAM TWISTERS car...
  13. legburner

    Central Cali Cruisers Ice Cream Social Ride

    Hey all, On Saturday night Aug 2nd @ 5pm we will be meeting at the park on Alluvial and Peach in Clovis. We will be riding down the Clovis Trail to Scoops and Soups in down town Clovis for ice cream and bike talk. If your interested just show up. If you have any questions please email me at...
  14. legburner


    Hey All, I wanted to start a topic for Names and locations of fellow rat rod or cruiser clubs out there. If possible can you list the following: Name: Location: Contact Person: I think it would be great to network with clubs that are in our area for group rides and charity events. What are...
  15. legburner


    Hey All, I propose we all meet again Friday Night, June 27 at the Clovis Farmers Market. If we meet at the park on Clovis Ave and Sierra we can ride into the market through Polaski St. Kinda like a gang......on pedals! :shock: What ya think? Let me know if ya can make it. Maybe we can...
  16. legburner

    Lets form a Club in Fresno!!!

    I want to form a club for us rat rodders and chopper heads in the greater fresno area. If your interested or know anyone that might be call me. :idea: Mark (Leg Burner) 559-977-5510
  17. legburner

    Fenders with mudguards?

    Does anyone know where i can get fenders with mudguards on them. Im looking for those similar to the ones on the Electra Rat Fink but I would like to find them in flat black. Thanks
  18. legburner

    From Fresno, CA

    Hey all, Thanks for letting me join your forum. I have already made contacts from it and gained a lot of insight. There is not a lot of support in Fresno, California for my kind of cycling (low and slow). I look forward to being a part of the family.
  19. legburner

    stuffin a 24x3 in rear of Electra Rat Rod

    Im thinkin of stuffin a 24x3 in rear of my Electra Rat Rod single speed. It originally came with a 26x2.125. Does anyone know if this is possible? I took measurements and I have 3-3/8" on the top frame by the tire. The tire I was thinkin of using measures 2-3/4. The way I figure i'll have...