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  1. CycleTruck

    Genesis Onex 29er Stem Advice

    I just picked up an Onex 29er and I'm about to do some upgrades. I've read that some people have had trouble with the stem. Can anyone describe what went wrong with the stock stem? I'm wondering if I should just replace it from the start.
  2. CycleTruck

    Anyone ever see one of these? Odd Drum Brake Hub

    I scored this Matthews Nomad Tandem yesterday. I've never seen a hub like this. It looks like the entire hub is wrapped in a lens or reflector.
  3. CycleTruck

    Side Pull Brakes

    How do I prevent one pad from contacting the rim all the time?
  4. CycleTruck

    Linear Park Rail Trail Ride, Ephrata, PA

    Thought I'd share a few photos of my ride yesterday. Linear Park Rail Trail is currently only about a mile long, but there are plans in the works to extend it from Ephrata, PA to Lititz, PA. Anyway, here's the photos: I started off near this caboose in downtown Ephrata. Back...
  5. CycleTruck

    Sturmey Archer 3 Speed Hub Oil Cap Replacement Alternative

    I've had this on a blog since 2010 and I'm receiving good feedback on this alternative, so it's time to share here for those who have the classic Sturmey Archer hubs. There are replacement lubricators (oil caps) available for the old Sturmey Archer 3 speed and other internal gear bicycle hubs...
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    Worksman M2600/INB Parts Questions

    What's the actual outside diameter of a Worksman Seat Post? What size seat post clamp do I use, 1 inch or 1 1/8th inch?
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    J.C. Higgins hanging out

    I went to lunch at Cracker Barrel today and spotted this hanging from the ceiling. It made lunch all that much better :)
  8. CycleTruck

    Making My Own Head Badges

    DANGER! I do NOT recommend that you try this. Failure to follow proper safety precautions can cause injury, blindness, death and there is a hazard of explosion from the production of hydrogen gas during this process! If you try this and cause injury or death, it's YOUR FAULT! Materials I Used...
  9. CycleTruck

    30s H.P. Snyder / D.P. Harris Bottom Bracket Set

    Does anyone know if the Wald, number 1990 One Piece Bottom Bracket set, 24TPI will fit the older Harris/Snyder cranks? ~ Dave
  10. CycleTruck

    Black Beauty

    Here I go again. The last time that I had a new bike was in the 1970s, a Ross Apollo 5 Speed. All of my bikes since have been rescued bare or nearly bare frames. Rescued from the Delta Chi frat house dumpster at Ohio State U in 1989, then pieced back together. Rescued from a field and pieced...
  11. CycleTruck

    Frame ID Help

    Can anyone tell me what brand frame this is?