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  1. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    Trek Broadsider - 29'er Rat

    Just found this amazing looking Trek 29er prototype: ... prototype/
  2. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    erocket bike

    Just found this story on the inter-web: ... it-s-quick Apparently the electric motor increases your pedal power by 50x enabling you to drive at 80km/hr. Looks kinda Rattish too. Now, I just have to find $40,000 kicking around...
  3. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    Nexus 4 speed help

    I am going to build a replacement shifter for my Shimano Nexus 4 speed hub and I was wondering if anyone out happens to know how far the cable travels for each gear shift? I tried a couple of the 3/5 speed shifters I have kicking around but the hub always seems to be out of adjustment and I...
  4. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    Zimmy Clone (pic heavy)

    A few years ago I bought a copy of 'The Bicycle' by Gilbert King and in it found my dream bike, an 1890's 'Zimmy' racer. I particularly love the paint scheme and the clean lines of the bike. ... t&resnum=1 About Arthur A Zimmerman...
  5. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    Saw this stretch on the weekend...

    Saw this stretched out rod on the way home from taking the kids to a Saturday morning art class. We were running to catch a bus so I was only able to get a couple of shots with the cell camera. It was outside the Ontario College of Art in Toronto.
  6. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    $5 Hawthorne Hercules on Ebay...

    Anyone interested in a $5 Hawthorne Hercules Camel-back on ebay? ... 240%3A1318 I wish this was in Toronto...
  7. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    Green Monster finished Nov 30th

    Woohoo! Finished the build this morning and took it for a spin. I planned to ride over to the old brick works in Toronto to take some cool photos but its -4C with the wind-chill and 50+ km/h wind gusts so the back yard will have to do. My build: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=10850&p=117714#p117714...
  8. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    Green Monster

    MMmmmm, got a 60's huffy frame and a bunch of mountain parts hanging around just dying to meet each other. I like the idea of a front disk brake on a canti-frame, gonna use this as my inspiration: Photos to follow once I charge up the camera :)
  9. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    Gas Pipe Special

    I'd first like to say what an amazing collection of bikes in the build off this year! The workmanship and variety is astounding and I'm proud just to be amongst such talented builders. If it wasn't for this site I'd still be obsessively polishing a re-built straight-bar and thinking the...
  10. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    'Gas Pipe Special' - Finished at last :)

    A 1950 Schwinn Hornet straight-bar that I got off Ebay. Spent a lot of time under a leaky roof by the looks off it. The rims & spokes were a lost cause and I'm going to build a board-tracker so the fenders aren't needed either. I'm thinking Nexus-4 on the back, Brooks saddle & primer-red...
  11. Ed_Straker's_Rat

    New member from Toronto!

    Hi All! I came across this site while I was desperately looking for an original headset for a 50's restoration project and was hooked. I quickly realized that finding the 'perfect part' was taking years off my life and that ratting is the way to go... So, sold the project bike on Ebay, bought...