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  1. Galtbacken

    Mr & Mrs

    Hey there people! :D Here's the double build that I've mentioned in the Whippet thread. I've successfully managed to not start this build when I'd have plenty of time to finish the bikes so now I'd better get this build going full throttle, so to speak. It's going to be one bike for a...
  2. Galtbacken

    Music and bikeriding

    Two friends of mine have recorded an album, and I was asked to play drums on some of the songs. A couple of days ago they sent me a link to a video for one of those songs, that they've made for fun using various videoclips. I just thought I'd share it with you guys. Hope you like it! :)...
  3. Galtbacken

    UK lurker taking the next step...

    Welcome! I'd say, if you have an idea for a bike build that you'd like to try, give it a shot and have fun with it! :)
  4. Galtbacken


    I don't know, maybe you've already seen this bike but if you haven't you might want to check it out! :) ... rofile.jpg
  5. Galtbacken

    I've struck gold!!

    When I met Josca this summer he talked about a bikeshop that he'd seen in Karlstad, and I've meant to look it up but forgot about it. Today one of the guys that I study with at the university talked about a cool bikeshop that he'd heard about, and right away I knew it must be the same one Josca...
  6. Galtbacken


    Finished the Fairlady on sunday, studies start again tomorrow...that meant I had two whole days to start building something new! :D I made the sketch for this bike in May, and now seemed a good time to get the build going. It won't be done in a hurry, I'll build it a little at a time when...
  7. Galtbacken


    Today I started to build my first ladies bike! I'll draw some inspiration from the -57 Fairlane, and it'll be a bike for a lady, hence the name. :) It's almost a little ironic that all my previous builds (except the Mustang for last year's build off) have been scratch builds, but when I started...
  8. Galtbacken

    Fun with rattlecans

    I took yesterday and the day before that off from building the 18 and played a little with stencils and spraypaint! :D I've been curious to see what could be done with rattlecans, for a while, and searched the web to see what other's have done. Seen some clips on youtube of guys painting mostly...
  9. Galtbacken

    I bought this today!

    I've been wanting an old vintage moped for quite some time. Last week I saw this in a local ad and loved the look of it, and after some research on the brand/model I called the guy and went to have a look at it today and I decided to buy it. :D It's a NSU Quickly S 49cc from -61 or -62. Need...
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    I was surfing around yesterday and followed a link and found this!! Just had to share it with you guys! :D More photos on their web page
  11. Galtbacken


    Here are some photos of the finished bike. :)
  12. Galtbacken

    The Galtbacken 18

    I really liked the basic design of the Retro Racer so I want to build a similar bike for myself. The Retro Racer was made on commission. Anyway, I don't wanna make the exact same bike twice, so I've done some changes to the design. I've tried to incorporate a little of the look of a modern...
  13. Galtbacken

    Dirty Jersey

    Welcome! :) I don't know of any other site...never really felt the need... :wink:
  14. Galtbacken

    Retro Racer

    A bunch of photos of the finished bike! /Petter
  15. Galtbacken


    A guy at my brother's work had this bike he wanted to get rid of. Got it for $12. :D It's a DBS Special singlespeed. Haven't taken it for a ride yet, but if my memory of these bikes is right it will be a smooth ride! :) I think I'll just fix it up and use it as a rider for now.
  16. Galtbacken


    Oooooh this will be fun! :D I got this bike from my brother a couple of weeks ago. I really like the lugged frame and I feeel it'll be a perfect bike for me to use in the build off! I've already got most of what I'll do to it worked out in my head. Here's what I'm starting with: What I plan...
  17. Galtbacken

    Don't want to chop it.

    My brother gave me this bike to use as a donorbike. Before I saw it I thought I'd chop it up and use some parts, but when I got it I couldn't bring myself to it. The frame looks too nice in my eyes for that. I'll save this one for the next rrbbo. :) Lugs
  18. Galtbacken

    J.B. 40

    While waiting to get the paint I need to finish the racer, I got a little restless and decided to start the thread for my next build. My big brother's birthday is coming up and I want to build him a bike! When I told my brother that I planned on trying to build my first bike he said "good, I'd...
  19. Galtbacken

    Should have seen it coming...

    Snow... :lol:
  20. Galtbacken

    Building a workshop

    Here are some photos of what will be my workshop. That's me on the right... When the roof is done, and the door and windows are in place I'll have to wait until summer or fall before I insulate it because it'll have to sit for some time since the walls are built without nails for this...