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  1. Rex Rattus

    The King and Queen

    Salt Queen Rust Dream 5 speed shwinn of unknown type or year King Rat unknown make
  2. Rex Rattus

    Orange Crush

    ill let you guys ponder this one until i can pick up the frame/fork from npence this weekend.
  3. Rex Rattus

    clean or mean

    so im setting up for a photo shoot soon, and i was wondering what all of your opinions might be on appearance. one of the two bikes for the shoot is about 3 years old [after the rebuild]. and has been through 3 years of hard ohio year round riding. salt, snow, anything you can think of. its...
  4. Rex Rattus

    Flat Black

    after a few months of reading and lurking around the forum, ive decided to join this jovial band of bikers. everyone here seems to be like their bikes, way cool. i probably wont say much, but im always reading, and checking the various builds. ive got three and a half customs notched on the...