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  1. teabeats

    Schwinn Sidewinder Forks

    Looking for 1982 Schwinn Sidewinder forks, or something similar. Like 26" threaded 1 inch BMX style forks. Any help is appreciated... Thanks, Earl
  2. teabeats

    4th Annual Chicagoland Oldschool Shootout

    RAD RIDE: bike show: There will be 7 classes in the Rad Ride bike show Best 70's 80's, New School(90s an up),Slowrider(vintage/muscle bike) Cruiser, survivor and overall. Entry is free and trophies will be awarded after that days races. Swapping Grounds: swap meet: There will be a...
  3. teabeats

    Monark Help Needed

    I'm looking for help with identifying a Monark bike my neighbor has. They have been getting folks low balling them and misinformation about the bikes true integrity. They are looking to sell the bike but don't want to get burned... any help would be appreciated, thanks. -Earl
  4. teabeats

    The 3rd Annual Chicagoland Old School Shootout

    You Are Invited To: The 3rd Anniversary of Special Needs Special Children Featuring: Stu Thomsen hosted by The Hill BMX Date & Times: When: September 14(Saturday) Where:The Hill BMX track (Elgin, IL) Event 10:00am Set-Up: 8-9:30am...
  5. teabeats

    Help Needed: Bike Build Party

    We at Special Needs Special Children desperately need your help....planning, donations, building bikes. CHICAGOLAND LETS BUILD SOME BIKES FOR THOSE LESS FORTUNATE. Hey all you bike builders, bike mechanics, and technicians. Special Needs...
  6. teabeats

    Black Beauty(Schwinn Breeze)

    This is my very first build on this forum. I have many BMX builds under my belt(almost 50 a year). But this is special this is the story of Black Beauty. My wife's first bike sense childhood, and her very first vintage bike. I have to thank my good friend Bob from Wisconsin for donating this...
  7. teabeats

    2nd Annual Chicagoland Oldschool Shootout

    The Hill BMX is proud to present: The 2nd Annual Chicagoland Oldschool Shootout September, 15 @ 10:00am Featuring RAD RIDE: bike show Swapping Grounds: swap meet 50/50 Raffle and Prize Raffle Hosted by: Special Needs Special Children The Hill BMX 2nd Annual Oldschool Shootout The Hill...
  8. teabeats

    Chicagoland Turkey Leg Ride

    My friends, and fellow bike riders I would like to invite you out to the Chicagoland Turkey Leg Ride. This is something that I have been wanting to do for over a year now. To get all of the Chicagoland(and beyond riders together. I would like this to be a family fun event, and any type of bike...
  9. teabeats

    Chi-Town In The House

    I would like for this to be a place where the Chicagoland folks to come and share there ideas, bikes, builds events, and just to chat, and share.
  10. teabeats


    I need help to identify a nice(what I believe to be Ross) bike. It is a 24" size bike with all the tail tell signs of Ross. I was lead(through research) to believe it is a 1968. I would appreciate any info on year make and model. Finding any leads to old advertising would be a plus. I have...
  11. teabeats

    New Guy From Chicago

    Hello to everyone on Rat Rod Bikes, I am coming aboard to fulfill a childhood dream buy owning and building up a vintage bike. I have never owned a vintage bike before, and now I have two. One is unnamed, and the other is a Sears Screamer. I'm looking for idea, help, parts, and to just have...