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  1. chillywilly263

    Just finished my Rat Flyer wagon

    That is awesome. :D
  2. chillywilly263

    Billetproof Ypsilanti, MI Pics

    The 55 Roadmaster is my dad's, and that's my crusty Schwinn American behind it. I saw you guys cruising around the park. I was also hoping to see some more bikes there, but I guess the lack of bikes is what lead to ours getting much attention. :D
  3. chillywilly263

    The Hook-up!

    Coolness. That Trail-a-Bike would be awesome with matching paint.
  4. chillywilly263

    Centrix Klunk

    I had been wanting to build a Klunker, but have at least a dozen different projects going on at the moment. I was on my way to Sonic the other night and saw a bike laying in the devilstrip about two blocks from me, didn't really get a good look at it, and thought to myself I need to stop on the...
  5. chillywilly263

    1965 schwinn fleet

    Another transplant. :D Ride it as is. That thing is sweet!
  6. chillywilly263

    Show us your Cars!

    My stuffs 83 Corolla 79 Celica GT 78 Corona 93 Sportster
  7. chillywilly263


    Crazy with the multi speed. Interested in parting with the frame/fork?
  8. chillywilly263

    Latest impulse buy: Indian Scout

    Yes, coaster with a front brake. It didn't have a bag with it. The guy I got it from said he thought it had a child carrier on it at some point, and the covers were probably on there to keep the child from getting pinched.
  9. chillywilly263

    Some Kind of Monster

    I can see someone has some bmx roots. I love it.
  10. chillywilly263

    Latest impulse buy: Indian Scout

    I was browsing through Craigslist yesterday afternoon and stumbled across an Indian Scout three speed. It looked pretty decent from the pics and figured it was worth the seller's asking price. Usually when I see stuff for sale, I think it over before contacting the seller, I was already dialing...
  11. chillywilly263

    LET EM ROLL pics from the ride

    Too cool. It's a shame there's nobody in my area into these kind of bikes..
  12. chillywilly263

    Billet proof 08 pics

    Here's my gallery of pics...
  13. chillywilly263


    Absolutely amazing. I showed it to my girlfriend who is in to architecture and that kind of artsy stuff. She loves it!
  14. chillywilly263

    Outlaws Superbe SOLD

    Re: Outlaws Superbe B/T done The seat kinda freaks me out, but the rest of that bike is sweet!
  15. chillywilly263

    Rag and Bone (new pictures)almost done.

    The headlamp is quite mesmerizing too!
  16. chillywilly263

    Rag and Bone (new pictures)almost done.

    It's ugly, yet one of the coolest bikes I've seen in a long time. I love it!
  17. chillywilly263

    My Addiction

    +1 Makes my bike collecting seem justifiable...
  18. chillywilly263

    My Schwinn project. Updated 05.07.08

    Thanks for the kind words. I love this bike. I am, however toying with the idea of getting a three speed rear wheel and putting it on here, but other than that, the bike is pretty much how I had originally envisioned it before I started the build.
  19. chillywilly263

    My Schwinn project. Updated 05.07.08

    I took it out for a ride around the block after I got it together, and man, once you get moving, that thing flies! Monday evening, my girlfriend and a couple buddies went on a little cruise until we got caught in the rain. The Schwinn is a blast to ride. I think I may be bringing it with me to...
  20. chillywilly263

    My Schwinn project. Updated 05.07.08

    Re: My project I did a little more work on it Monday after I got home from California. My latest additions to it are the chrome headlamp and repro Schwinn Approved grips I got from Manny's Lowriders in Marina del Ray, and the chrome dice valve caps that came from Spokes n Stuff in Los Angeles...