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    Nice looking headlight for city use

    Trying to figure out a battery powered headlight for use around town at night that doesn't look ugly. I don't want a light that look like the standard battery headlights like this. I also don't think a classic cruiser style headlight would look right. One like this. I like the Rindow...
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    How to tell brake and shifter cables apart

    I have a few cables and I am not sure if they are shifter or brake cables. Is there an easy way to tell them apart?
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    The period after Chaos on the Surly bikes website Click the period after Chaos on the Surly website for amusement.
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    This is a super cool old school MTB frame
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    Worksman Newsboy seat tube length

    Does anyone know what the seat tube length of a Worksman Newsboy is? Also about what is the fork length (A-C)?
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    Garage clean out (cheap mostly mtb parts)

    All prices are cash picked up in Huntsville AL. If you want it shipped buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Push Shock of a 2011 Niner WFO9 with 500lb Fox spring. $20 Sold SRAM X9 2speed shifter $5 Nitto Torsion bar off Surly 1x1 (about 660mm wide) free (gone) Cheap ebay riser bar free BrandX...
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    24x3 tires on a 26in cruiser

    Will a 24x3 fit on most vintage 26in cruisers? Also are there fenders that would cover this wide a tire? I have an idea of what I want to build next.
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    Cool video on very early bikes

    Thought some of you might enjoy this video from GCN.
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    26 MTB to gravel bike conversion to town bike

    So my wife has recently taken a liking to riding but she is only really interested in gravel and greenways and the like. Neither of my two bikes are really ideal for this kind of riding. A low long and slack 150mm travel (1275mm wheelbase with a 64deg head angle) Ragley Big Wig (which...
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    WTB: Cheap old school 26in MTB

    I am looking for an old school (rim brake) 26in MTB either complete or frame/fork/wheels in 21 or 22in frame size. Anyone got one laying around that they would part with for cheap? I am in Huntsville Alabama so I could pick up something that is within an hour or two or willing to work out shipping.
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    This is pretty sweet Not mine but it is tempting.
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    Gearing up front pedal trike

    Ok so last year I did the Downtown Tri here in Huntsville (tricycle race). It is a team format around a block and I had bought a Razor drift trike to us. It is an absolute hoot to ride but I am spinning so fast that my feet are flying off the pedals well before the end of the straights. I want...
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    Couple questions on the Worksman Newsboy frame

    So having gotten distracted buying a mountain bike (Niner WFO9) and building a BMX (Sunday Soundwave), finally coming round to start gathering parts to do a klunker build. I have a line on a fork I want to use but I wanted to make sure it would fit. I am planning on ordering one of the raw...
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    Who wants to give this a try?
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    Klunker-esque build question particularly frame choice

    I want to build a klunker style build in the near future to beat around the near by state park trails. I am not going for absolutely original but just kind of the style of a klunker. I am leaning towards a newer frame so I can screw around with the paint and if I bend or break it I won't feel...
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    Newbie from Northern Alabama

    Hi everyone, I live in Northern Alabama and have recently got into messing around with bikes. My wife and I moved closer to downtown Huntsville and after a year of riding an old Mongoose mtb I have had since middle school (I think it is from around 2001 or 02) and a free department store bike...