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    The Farmer is Indeed in the Dell

    Spring came on too late here and I'm afraid that cabin fever got the best of me. Made this tractor bike from GT bmx parts and a Western Flyer frame for no apparent reason.
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    Zero Cost Klunker Watchamacallit

    Having a blown knee, tall geared cruisers are out of the question, and gettin' up there in the years kind of leaves road bikes out so not wanting to tie a sweater around my neck and turn to comfort bikes, so I thought that I would give this a go. The frame is a sixties Western Flyer that I...
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    The Tundra Will Soon Be Frozen, Last Night Out In The Garage

    The 'ol thermometer on the wall was pinned to the mid thirties today, so time to pack it in and head inside until Spring. All of you Midwest guys know the feeling, the family is going to have to get used to the sound of the grinder and the smell of paint wafting up from the basement.
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    Tuned a Caliente for a Breeze

    A woman and her husband stopped by with two bikes in the back of their Subaru, a hot pink Caliente in desperate straits and a super grungy 24'' breeze. I went through the 10 speed and got the 3 in return. In the time it took for the Brewers to fall way behind in today's game the tiny Breeze was...
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    "Dead Spot" It's Alive

    From the tangled and rusted, heaving, all devouring mound of bikes that loom out back will emerge this years RRB entry. Titled "Dead Spot" in homage to all of the cars long deceased that sported the likes of Autocraft, Holly, and Carter carbs that always had that miss when trying to pull under a...
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    See ya in the funny papers

    This is an example of what happens when a blown knee and cabin fever are involved. Mid 70's Varsity given the full treatment.
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    Bridgestone x05 and unexpected Schwinn BMX cruiser

    I was at a retired couple's house to pic up this X05 When the owner asked if I was interested in mountain bikes, before I could say no she said that it had blue wheels and cushions on the bars. Down into the basement we went and hanging by the furnace was this very dusty Sidewinder.
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    Thirty Year Wait

    I first noticed these two Columbias way back in the late 70's. They were hanging side by side above a '78 Pontiac Grand Prix. At the time I had no interest in them,but would still look in the direction of the garage when going by. I must have seen these bikes at least 3 or 4 times a week over...
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    Anyone want a free '53 Buick Nailhead?

    My cousin in North Central Iowa had ideas of going through it years ago, but has since discovered a 392 Hemi for his project and the 'ol Buick engine is free to a good home.
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    Better See the Doc Because I'm Seeing Double

    I had a a call this morning from a woman who had seen my 'wanted bikes' sign out by the road in front of our house. She said that she had two Schwinn Varsity 10 speeds that she wanted gone and that they were a his and hers pair. She also described them as being red with funny looking bars, so I...
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    1964 Studebaker Schwinn Merger Prototype Discovered

    In the mid sixties the Studebaker company was looking for anyway possible to stay afloat, after being turned down for loans, in desperation they attempted a merger with the then flush Schwinn bicycle company. This bike was discovered in one of the companies now vacant buildings out on the...
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    Be Your Own Pet "Bicycle" Worth checkin' out

    Ran across this a year or so ago, pretty good tune and a cool video. Cheers
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    Not so pretty in pink

    I was looking at the farm and garden section on CL when a posting for free garden "junk" caught my eye, no photo or description listed in the post, but I thought I would respond to see what they had. Turns out they had a garden bike that never made it to the garden and I could have it if I was...
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    Fixed a Huffy MTB and wound up with a cruiser

    A few weeks ago a big Buick pulled up with a bike hanging out the back of it. The owner asked if I fixed bikes since I have a "Wanted Bikes" sign out by the road in front of the house and that the LBS had closed for the day and he needed the bike for a trip that he was going on. All it really...
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    Yeah, but can she pull a wheelie?

    If she can that gal is for me. Cheers.
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    70's Huffy V.S. New Huffy

    My bro in law found a fairly new Huffy cruiser frame at the dump and knew right where to send it, I had no plans for it until a few days later someone dropped off a K-Mart All-Pro three speed at the house. Needless to say the All-Pro is no longer with us. I can't believe how bad the welds are on...
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    Junk picked parts organizer / workbench

    I drove past this heavy old desk on my way to work for over a week thinking that I had no use for it until I was looking for a Schwinn stem bolt in all of my parts. The proverbial lightbulb went on and this is what I came up with. Being super heavy it also doubles as an out of the way workbench...
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    Take a Japanese Takara Mixte frame, a hacksaw and a bunch of mismatched parts and you get a wreck like this. I'm gonna have my wife pick out the color combo ( she watches a lot of HGTV ) and hope that she rides the thing. Back with it complete sometime late in '09. Cheers
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    Score! Rat Fink Documentary in full on Youtube

    I just found this in a backwards way cruising around on Youtube, Can't believe that it is posted in full. This is a good day. Cheers