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  1. blink

    Black Coffee with Cream - Bike #69!

    the 69th finished bike entry. wow! this has been a great experience. there is some great stuff going on in this build off. i am glad to be a part of it. i really came into this wanting to build a nice balloon tire cruiser. one that i can ride around a lot. i am very pleased with how it turned...
  2. blink

    1986 Centurion Dave Scott Ironman

    picked this up the other day, just frame/fork/seatpost, for $46 the raleigh is a bit too small for me, being a 54 cm. this is more like a 59 and fits much much better. Tange Champion #1 tubing. Brooks Champion Flyer Saddle Sugino Seatpost and clamp bolt deep dish coaster wheels Truvativ Cranks...
  3. blink

    Beautiful Monark score today - 6/27

    got this one for $20. the paint is beautiful. i wonder if it is original. great parts. fenders are nearly perfect and with torpedo light. the problem is, the frame is bent. very sad. i only paid $20. worth it for the parts. i am planning to use the fork, cranks and maybe the fenders for my...
  4. blink

    Steering tube length for Felt or Nirve Springer forks???

    Hey, i am thinking about buying either the Nirve or Felt springer forks, but there is no info on the site stating the steering tube length. does anyone have one of these who can tell me? i have contacted both companies by email, but who knows when i will hear back. thanks, adam
  5. blink

    Bike Coop finds 80s Predator 1/4 flash wheels, skiptooth

    i responded to a "BIKES BIKES BIKES" post on craigslist. they gave me directions to a place near Douglasville, GA which is about 45 min west of Atlanta. they gut yards and old houses and its some kind of non-profit. i wish i would have brought my camera there, it was an awesome place. they had...
  6. blink

    Sturmey Archer AW help needed!

    hey, i am working on this 1965 Raleigh Colt and the problem i am having with the hub is that when its freewheeling, the pedals want to move forward. there is drag. any suggestions? on Sheldon's site it says to squirt light oil to clean it out good. i have done that a bit but it doesnt seem to be...
  7. blink

    1965 Raleigh Colt (after cleaning and Schwalbe's - 5/19)

    got this one today. its reaaally tiny. still has the 26 x 1 3/8 but it must have been made for younger dudes. it would be a perfect build up for this girl i know who is lookin for a bike.
  8. blink

    Black Coffee & Cream (8/1 - FINISHED!)

    frame i will be using. donor bike. i really hate to break this one up, but my girl dont need another bike. gonna paint it gloss black. fat franks. fenders...dunno.
  9. blink

    weekend build - originally a Huffy Sea Pines.

    Before: After: i bought the bike for $8 at Goodwill. i have it on the atlanta craigslist. i want to sell it to buy some deep v coaster wheels like the ones i am using in the german roadster commission. what do youguys think?
  10. blink

    My Recent Flea Market heavy but cool!

    This is not all bikes...some bikes....but interesting stuff nonetheless. whenever i go visit my dad up in north georgia, we go to this flea market. i always photograph the bikes i pick up there, but there is so much cool and weird stuff there i cant take away. so i took my camera in this time. a...
  11. blink

    fresh skiptooth find. pre-war? monark? help!

    hey yall, i responded to an ad on CL today.. pretty much said bike of all kinds antiques too. turns out the guy was in my hood. he had mostly crap. a few off brand lightweights, and this..... headbadge says tru - test. crank and fork scream monark to me. its in great shape. a bit of rust, no...
  12. blink

    1970 Sears Screamer 1 - After Cleaning - new photos 4/23 i am supposed to be picking this up friday! i hope it doesnt fall through. the guy promised it to me cuz i was first responder.
  13. blink

    My MTB, Kona Explosif!

    i bought this bike kinda rough from a GA Tech kid for almost nothing. here it is when i brought it home. and now its finally finished. late 1990's Kona Explosif. Columbus Tubing - steel alloy 2009 Marzocchi Bomber 22R - 100mm travel. FSA the Pig Headset Easton EA50 stem Race Face Riser...
  14. blink

    German Roadster Build - FIN! - 5.8.09

    A very good friend of mine who loaned me the money to buy my truck has commissioned me to build her a bike. her two complaints about her previous bike, a Giant Commuter, were 1, that its wicked heavy, and 2, that its wicked ugly. this girl is a jewelry designer, very hip, stylish. i found the...
  15. blink

    BLINK interviewed on commuter culture zine.

    i got interviewed for this site. there is a plug for RRB on there. check it out. adam
  16. blink

    Snow in ATL!

  17. blink

    The Tilt - A - Liner

    i finished the bike last weekend but weather sucked, and did not get home from work one day this week while there was still light. today there was a bit of a break from the rain, so i had to take photos. not ideal, but at least i dont need the flash. Frame / Fork: 1961 Sears/JC Higgins...
  18. blink

    Blink's Raleigh - new changes. 6/27!

    hey yall. i tried the fixie thing. its fun for effing around, but i really cant be riding a no brake fixie to work at 6:30 am every morning. so anyway, here is the before shot. i know most of you have seen this one already. i sold the wheels, put on the honey brown Brooks my girlfriend bought...
  19. blink

    1960 Schwinn Racer Build

    check it out.....gonna add the decals to the chainguard soon!
  20. blink

    My new homemade work stand and other things

    i made this work stand today. gotta work on the clasp a bit more, but its great. really simple to make. took me about an hour. once i got it together i figured i would get the racer frame out and start taking paint off. i used some stripper, then a big wire brush, and that got most of the red...