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  1. Fastback Maniac

    How do I post pics to Craigslist!?!?!

    You can post more than 4 with the new CraigsPic at as well. Basically the same as the embed code mentioned above.
  2. Fastback Maniac

    Raleigh Teton.......CHROME.

    Very nice. Love the chromes.
  3. Fastback Maniac

    Roadies - Uk bikes

    Looking for another nice early English frame. Going to build a 3 speed clubman this time as want to leave my Triumph in its current state as shown in previous post. If you have a nice early English frame lmk.
  4. Fastback Maniac

    I think I may have saved a friends life (Please read)

    Good deed !!! I know a little about this topic in more ways than one, but will not go into full details. I didn't reach out but was found. Individuals in dispair, whom feel they have no where to turn; on occassion do reach out before committing the act. But most times that is not the case as...
  5. Fastback Maniac


    Work done today. Final peice to the theme done today. Need to go back to fill in background around the theme peices.
  6. Fastback Maniac


    JesusFreak86, Your Dad sounds like a good chap. Keep us posted on the art. I am scheduled this weekend for more ink. Cheers McMullen-Ashton Linage and proud to have Irish blood in me veins.
  7. Fastback Maniac

    Roadies - Uk bikes

    What can I say but "sweet"... Thanks for sharing. Today's eye candy. :)
  8. Fastback Maniac

    How to build a low-buck Fixie

    I just purchased a 87 Schwinn Circuit converted to a fixie and now searching for Sun Tour Sprint parts to restore. If making a fixie choose a model at the lower end of the scale not one that was a step below a Paramount. :) But if you do "KEEP THE PARTS".
  9. Fastback Maniac

    Roadies - Uk bikes

    Find me a nice Falcon San Remo or Triumph "King of Clubs" then we will see how scarce they are. :) Of course, never refuse a sweet Jack Taylor. Markm, Thanks for the info.
  10. Fastback Maniac

    Unwanted 10 speed turns into stylish roadster

    Very kool. You put new life and glory back into that bike. Find an old fashion water bottle holder and metal water container to top if off. Handlebar mounted version would look sweet.
  11. Fastback Maniac


    A few more for you to dream about. Sweet dreams !!!!
  12. Fastback Maniac

    Winter is not so bad...

    MagicRat, I am in the same club as you. I enjoy the hot weather. Have even rode in 100+ which they don't recommend, but when it dips below 15 I hate it. Tried indoor trainer this year. Boring !!! So now back to ordering some thermal gear for remainder of this winter and back on rode. It is...
  13. Fastback Maniac

    What's your favorite Stingray model?

    MagicRat, Have you checked with Bentsprocket on the Pacific Schwinn forum? He may be on my forum as well. I can check. Not sure what he charges. PS - Mailed out the $$ for the item we discussed.
  14. Fastback Maniac

    83 Predator P-2200

    Rick, Send me the decal maker's info. I have a P 2600 and 83 mo-ro-mag working on that take the red\blue version decals. Bought a few orginal decals the other day but mot comp;ete sets. Looking for early Predator frames. Should have kept the 81 Predator Competetion.
  15. Fastback Maniac

    recent finds "I think I have a problem"

    Not a problem until you have bikes in just about every room of the house and the shed. :) And I know some have more bicycles than my little 70 bike collection. As Rick mentioned, "Nice Collection." Tour of California starts 2/14
  16. Fastback Maniac

    Raleigh Sprite(s) - updated 4-11-09

    Re: Raleigh Sprite Very nice sprite. Here is my 69 version before I put a new front brakeand Brooks saddle back on it.
  17. Fastback Maniac

    What's your favorite Stingray model?

    Funny you should ask !!! :)
  18. Fastback Maniac

    Hmmm I went to a bike swap and...

    Joe, You a RLC member? If so want his your screen name on the HWC forums? I have the same additcion to die cast cars and Danbury Classics. Between my bikes and die cast it gets a bit crowded at times (lol). Don't forget another HW days coming up this month. Haven't checked what the special...
  19. Fastback Maniac

    How I hate winter.

    Had my first long ride on Saturday, but waether is starting to chill again. Guess, have to watch "Tour of California" next week to stay motivated.
  20. Fastback Maniac

    The Schwinn Boys don't like Rats

    I usually will not comment on other sites policies but been holding long enough. :wink: I will just comment on one topic. Pete (hyper-formance rays) did pay for the rights to sell repo Schwinn products. And the stange part of Pacific removing Pete's sticky is that they put it there in the...