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    Slingshot Dudes final pic

    ff865a01-6b1f-42f6-bd3c-14c90a1ecb17_0032 by coltond98, on Flickr
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    might quit collecting....????

    i MIGHT quit collecting. :cry: i get treated badly cause i was coltond98 on mbf. :x nobody wants to sell parts to me cause of this. and cause i am 15 and got to start saving for a car. :wink: so... i might not be on here much. :? :(
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    1957-58 plymouth build? suggsetions?????

    i want to build a plymouth fury bike it will have fat white wals, and a rack with a tail fin on it any suggestions? :mrgreen:
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    anyone in st. louis want to start a show/swap??????

    Hello! does anyone in st. louis want to start a show and swap? there could be a show including: muscle bikes, cruisers, rat rods, fixies, prewar, and postwar. the swap could be in sections such as: a section for muscle bikes, a section for parts, a section for cruisers, preewar, postwar, speed...
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    five speed derailer help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok i put my slingshot together. when i shift it with the five fpeed stick shifter, the chain fals off of the sprocket and my chain jambs. on the derailer, the chain rests only on the back sprocket. i dont want to take it to the bike shop partly cause then i would feel dumb and because they...
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    oh nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have a troxel banana seat off of my slingshot. around the edges, the stitching has come undone. what should i use to hold the seat together???? :D
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    how to polish a 1969 huffy sligshot?

    what should i use for the paint? i had been using wd40 but now im out of it. any suggestions? thanks!
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    pics ... can u see them?

    69 slingshot by coltond98, on Flickr
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    Rat Rod Bikes Vintage bicycle show and swap in st. Louis????

    Hey! anyone think we should start a show and swap for us ratrodbikers? we could have it in mabey st.louis and there could be a show including: vintage cruiser, muscle bike, classic road bike, rat rod, and customs.also a swap meet for classic bikes and muscle bikes. also old cruiser...
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    I need Tatrat's email.

    Hi! been trying to contact tatrat about a bike but no answer. anyone know his email direct. thanks all! :mrgreen:
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    What the...?!

    What is going on? is it just me or did schwinn stingray values just skyrocket? i mean look at this bike! ... 43a9381c51 it needs new seat cover, grips, tires, crome, maybee even rims(if they are bent) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is happening? i know that...
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    1952 hudson hornet tribute bike

    the Hudson hornet is one or the most sought after cars ever made. i am building a tribute t this wonderful car made between 1948 and 1953 {bodystyle} :D . if you have any hudson hornet parts {emblems} i would be interested. :)...
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    1969 sears screamer frame stripdown took a LONG time!

    been strippin a 69 sears screamer. it was origionaly a mag. i felt bad scrapping the origional yellow paint off from under the shifter. lol! I felt bad stripping the last little section of green paint off the back too lol! :mrgreen: but i f i had this bike prefesionaly repainted,{ i striped it...
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    huffy judge picture found on the net

    i found this picture on the net. :shock: ron, i borrowd your picture. :wink: i found this on the net and would like to buy it. :) ron says the bike is not his. :? if it is your bike, i ameinterested :mrgreen: ... winn_3.jpg
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    74 Schwinn Bantam Rat Rod! "The Lucky Number Seven"

    :mrgreen: buildn a schwinn rat for the build off. im gonna stert gatherin parts! lol! :mrgreen: :idea:
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    1974 Schwinn Bantam

    Hi! i got a 74 Schwinn Bantam soaking in oven cleaner. under the 3 layers of brush baint, it has poor red paint. are these bikes desirabele? :shock:
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    slingshot seat

    hey other muscle bike guys! is this slingshot's seat corect? :D 8)
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    Hi! from Frankfurt Kentucky!

    Hi! i am a newbie here and am trying to find my child hood bike- a lemon lime huffy slingshot. if you have parts, i am interested in buying them. :)