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    Yeah ive been stoked with it, everyone I know has ridden it around already and all love it. I figure everyone else was going with the big wheel in the front and it was way easier to make this level and look cool doing the big wheel in the back. had a friend try and put a brake on it while I...
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    Thanks!, Cleaned it up a bit :).
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    schWINn or Lose *5/15 ridden

    Been slow going trying to get our community bike shop on track on top of full-time work and summer school but found some pedals and a set of fenders I like much better, will figure out how to mount them and snap some pictures(no tabs in the front so might weld on something?)
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    Been working on a quick scooter build-up, way more mild than these beasts but ive already rode it a ton and had about a dozen other people ride it around, tons-o-fun. Apparently my phone deleted all of my pictures but here is where its at now... So far I cut the frame and stretched it 12...
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    ••••\Ya·Ku·Za/•••• " lotsO clear update pics "

    Re: ••••••\Ya·Ku·Za/•••••• !Guinness World Record?! • We should play "guess the final build weight" with this one....definitely looking like an amazing downhill in a straight line ridiculously fast kinda ride. Again, uber jealous of the tools and the ideas, kudos.
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    Bike Polo Bikes

    Still need to get some pictures of just my bike but here is my polo rig. 26" Monocog Flight edition (only made them a couple years in the aluminum, super beefy but super lightweight as well), Cheap mosso ebay fork, 48 spoke sun Rhyno's I picked up for 100$ almost 2 years ago, lots of random parts.
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    ••••\Ya·Ku·Za/•••• " lotsO clear update pics "

    Re: ••••••\Ya·Ku·Za/•••••• !Get-a-GrIp!• Yeah thats pretty epic, we need to do a build competition only allowing the use of hand tools, none of this fancy hydro-plasma-hydraulic-electical-pneumatic mumbo jumbu, good old fashioned hack saws and hammers. Anyways....jealous.
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    Mofo / MoFaux 8/1 They're Done!

    Re: Mustgo WOW! Super nice! Really makes me want to buy an anvil
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    '38 Special ------ Update July 2nd

    Re: '38 Special ------ Update May 22nd Wow super creative stuff there!. Next I want to see someone do this but make the tank a little bit longer on each end and cut out a slot so it flushes up with the headtube and seat tube.
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    Re: I HATE MYSELF FOR BUILDING YOU I want a vibraslap so I can be like CAKE :(
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    ***QuickSilver- Stick a fork in it!***

    Re: The Phoenix- Ever Ride a Disco Ball? Coming together quite nicely, love the flake but it reminds me of a bad twilight joke.
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    Jacked Up Pilot, few new pics

    Re: no name yet, CWC w/ big and littles, name input needed Love the tire combo and that frame is tops. Personally im trying to do my build for max $20 but if I had the money to drop into a bike I certainly would....maybe once I graduate and get my student loans paid off, but for now, budget builds!
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    Wondering how the handling on this will be, guess sometimes fashionable is more important than functional though right?
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    Rat Salad - 7/26 - Done! Complete! Finished!

    Re: Rat Salad - 5/8 paint testing Also looking forward to this paint, have never had any luck painting bikes myself (always start flaking off with every bump...but I also throw my bikes around :/) Will have to get a picture of my fram ideal coatings did, powdercoated in this neon green with a...
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    Bike Polo Bikes

    We used to play out at Denia all the time but I talked the city into building us a court down at Mack park off mckinney(city had purchased and set up street hockey court out at Denia but old ladys in the neighborhood said it would bring crime to the park so forced the city to take them down, so...
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    █ ▌▌G.I.JESSE JAMES ▌▌█

    Re: █ ▌▌G.I.JESSE JAMES ▌▌█ 5/17 Sidecar Beginnings pg19 Really nice, making me want to build a sidecar for my dog after seeing all these awesome rides. Oh and my drill press is the Vans Model.
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    HodgePodge All Pro... ALL FINISHED!!

    Re: HodgePodge All Pro Sweet work on the kickstand/brace!
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    Purple Reign GT Dyno Moto 29er Vids pg5, Beachin' pg6

    Re: Purple Reign - 29er mockup Def down with the 29er setup, really miss my jabberwocky, once my elbow fully heals (was broken and tore a bunch of ligaments so can't MTB right now) I plan on building up another 29er, really cool to see a klunkniner
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    * Bad Fish * Completed

    Re: * Bad Fish * Love the concept! Had an old pedal car I sold off a couple years ago im really regretting :(. Those things are getting so hard to find and are just too cool for school
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    (((***** BABYCAKES *****)))

    Really love seeing some ladys frames in the build off and oh my what nice wheels she has!