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  1. Indyjps

    BO15 ‘MeriCruiser

    This is looking good, the pile of SE racing goods was a nice surprise.
  2. Indyjps

    BO15 El Cholo bike

    Couple of things to take a look at. In the pic with the blue wheels, the coaster brake tab is bolted to the bracket / hanger on the frame, in the pic with the gold wheels, its not. See if you can get it rotated to bolt thru the bracket again. Interested in the tooth count on the front...
  3. Indyjps

    Shimano FD 4403 3x9 31.8 clamp, front derailleur, Aug 4. Helping a neighbor kid

    Thanks for checking. If you have good ideas on substitute models that would perform well, shoot me an IM. Im reading up on this front derailleur and road bike front derailleurs in general. FD-4403 arent too plentiful.
  4. Indyjps

    BO15 El Cholo bike

    Great build, I cant get over how the lines sweep from the bottom bracket all the way to the grips. Brown, tan, and gold is a nice color combo.
  5. Indyjps

    elastomers / spring solution / useful info for quadra 21r See if this works for you.
  6. Indyjps

    Wheel or hub, for rear 20x1.75 single-speed/flip-flop

    If KevinM's deal doesnt work out, Ive run a few Wheel Master MX-4000 SF, usually about $20 shipped on ebay. Still need to buy 2 freewheels. Finding a metric small freewheel in 16t may be interesting the whole point of the small side is to run smaller than 16. 2 16t are you running dual...
  7. Indyjps

    Shimano FD 4403 3x9 31.8 clamp, front derailleur, Aug 4. Helping a neighbor kid

    Looking for shimano fd-4403 front derailleur 3x9 31.8 clamp. Neighbor kid was gifted a pretty nice trek road bike, shes training for triathalon and broke a chain, and somehow mangled the cage on front derailleur. I told her and her Dad I'd throw a chain on and then saw the damaged front...
  8. Indyjps

    Old seat- cool, but broke! Help!

    Keep looking in plumbing and electrical. Conduit clamps are kinda light. Look at EMT and black pipe hangers, the tubing is heavier, the clamps are heavier. It may not be a perfect fit, but something that can be modified with hammer, vice grips etc.
  9. Indyjps

    Old chain rehab

    Sounds like my chain rehab method. I soak them in gasoline then wrap in a rag and blow out with compressed air, may take a few times. This gets all the old crud out of them. If theyre rusty, and you want to derust, they need to be clean. Scrub brush and dish soap, dunk in vinegar or I...
  10. Indyjps

    80's Schwinn MTN BKS his hers value, helping a neighbor, chicagoland area

    My neighbor is wanting to sell these 2 Schwinn mountain bikes, wondering whats a good starting / asking price. I cant see a model on them, he's guessing 1984-1988. Can anyone help me out on a price, if youre in Chicagoland or interested in pick up Ill put you in touch.
  11. Indyjps

    BO15 Once again.

    I like this build, want to see you keep going with it. Frame length, consider if youre sitting in the low area of the banana seat, youre pretty far back on the frame. Move the seat forward by flipping the guts around, or moving the post attachment point back on the seat base. This will move...
  12. Indyjps

    26x2.2 tires on sale - forget it.

    Ace BMX took my order then cancelled and refunded 2 days later. In that time the other places that had this tire also sold out. Guess Ill run some old tires for now. I still wanna try these mission fleet tires, 26x2.2 is a good size and the tread matches my intended use. When some place...
  13. Indyjps

    BO15 American Muscle

    All good stuff going on here, lets see some more
  14. Indyjps

    BO15 Poor Man’s Racycle

    Im liking Racycle, how about a straight or straighter fork, maybe even a 27" that would level the top tube. No chain guard and some short apes, or a bar without backsweep. For some reason a downhill top tube really bugs me. I have a flightliner I keep messing with, gotta be the slowest...
  15. Indyjps

    BO15 PINK PANTHER - Where's WALD-Oh there he is...

    Great build, very creative. Remove the rubber washer from the bolted joint. It will allow flex in the joint and loosen the fastener over time.
  16. Indyjps

    Rock Shox Quadra rebuild CHEAP - done

    Circling back here, got an IM asking questions. After going thru this rebuild, I think many specs of the PUR rod could be used. I chose the spec that i thought would give the best results, based on info I could find for comparison. If that specific spec is not available, find the right...
  17. Indyjps

    Rock Shox Quadra rebuild CHEAP - done

    Razor knife for drywall
  18. Indyjps

    B I G B M X

    Sunday Model C, 24. I ride it a lot. Sounds odd, but throw an 8 or 9" bar on it for a test ride. If you like it swap the brake cable out. Unless you need the gyro, I'd ditch it and run a straight cable Is that rim dinger far enough out rhe brake pads miss it. Ive straightened some of those...
  19. Indyjps

    Where to buy cheap tires?

    Im a big fan of BMXGURU.
  20. Indyjps

    26x2.2 tires on sale - forget it. Order some of these up, on sale and free t shirt. I have this tread, different brand FIT on a 20'. 65 psi max, I run about 50 psi these are great on pavement.