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    Does anyone remember Firesign Theater?

    They did some of the funniest stuff that I ever heard, you can listen to their albums time after time and still catch things that you didn't hear the first time around. Thanks for the post, had no idea that he died.
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    Columbia 5-Star Superb

    "Ol Jay is a good guy.
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    Show off your shop!

    Inside and out.
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    Phat cycle

    I wasn't sure what to make of that design at first, but after looking at that 1/4 angle pic I really dig it. That springer on Lambo's is a cool look as it kind of mimics the lines of the frame. RRBO material for sure.
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    The Farmer is Indeed in the Dell

    Spring came on too late here and I'm afraid that cabin fever got the best of me. Made this tractor bike from GT bmx parts and a Western Flyer frame for no apparent reason.
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    Well my dream car is ...

    40' Ford truck, like the coupes, but it's hard to haul bikes in one of those. This one has a modern V-8 in it, I'd prefer a flattie.
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    OLD AD...Bike Gunrack?

    He'll shoot his eye out.
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    Curious To See If This Sells...

    For that kind of jack at least he could throw in a speedo cable.
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    Rolling advertisement for my graphics business.
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    To sell or not to sell...

    Possibly cull out the duplicates? Those tandems take up loads of room. I just scrapped a pile of Ladies bikes after pulling all of the good parts to use later, it was a shame but the market is flooded with them around here. If not hooks work great, small bikes above and the larger ones side by...
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    American Pickers

    I like the concept, but really can't stand either one of the "Pickers".
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    Wire baskets.. can they be truly masculine?

    Depends on what is in the basket.
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    Cut my online time waaay down and either spin wrenches or ride.
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    "Most over done trend?"

    Bikes are kind of like that tired old line, "any day off of work is a good day", and I feel the same way about bikes. Any kind of bike to me is a "good bike", and who honestly loses any sleep at night fearing that they have put together a bike utilizing some "over done trend along the way"...
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    How to build a shifter (Finished Pictures)

    Re: How to build a shifter After all of the messing around that I have done over the years to get a downtube shifter to look good, here it is. I don't know how I couldn't come up with something similar. Ingenious, thanks for the post.
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    Raleigh BB help

    Just pulled a bb from an early 70's Phillips this morning, should have the same hand thread. Non drive side, counter clockwise, drive side clockwise.
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    good clear

    I use Krylon on all of my frames, made the mistake of grabbing Matte finish when I was in a hurry and screwed up a frame when I sprayed it on. Krylon gloss...
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    If Santa Rode A Rat Rod

    That chubby 'ol guy was way ahead of his time, here he is in 1965 delivering speedometers to all of the good little girls and boys.
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    Ratrod or classic

    I like that one just as it sits, pinstriped wheel set is a good idea, or a little Von Dutch striping on the fender tips as well. Nice bike.
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    When you see a guy on a woman's bike

    I say to myself " man, that is one unattractive Woman".