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  1. farmallman

    Do you wear your bike parts?

    How did you make that belt buckle? Ive been wanting to do something like this for years. Chris
  2. farmallman

    The Speedwagon.

    I ran a tap into the left hand crank backwards so its left hand thread. It has a ton of meat left so that is cool. If that ever takes a dump Im going to put in a left hand helicoil and be good to go. Chris
  3. farmallman

    The Speedwagon.

    Here is a few pics of my latest build. Its a 79ish Schwinn World Sport Frame with 80's sprint fork in it because the other one was bent. It is going to be my dual chain fixed gear bike. Its completely over the top and pointless, thats what makes it awesome. The cranks are EighthInch and...
  4. farmallman

    American Graffiti

    Yeah they are s-7 rims. Ive always loved that color and hope it turns out well on this build. Chris
  5. farmallman

    American Graffiti

    haha Thanks. Its my brothers out of his Kz1300 motorcycle. It was hydrolocked (he bought it that way) and has a bent connecting rod. Hes rebuilding it. I am not sure weather to run the apes (I like them) or sun some more traditional style Schwinn handlebars. I like the apes but people...
  6. farmallman

    American Graffiti

    No replies. Man my builds must suck. hahaha
  7. farmallman

    American Graffiti

    Here is my build of a 1964 Schwinn Typhoon with kinda a so cal feel. It has a bendix single speed. Ive still gotta get some better cranks and chainring for it as well as pedals. Im not sure what I want to do with them yet. Its gonna have white walls as well as a white chain. Im gonna put...
  8. farmallman

    Mike Wolfe of American Pickers & FELT Bicycles create the "Red Wolfe" Bike

    I dont really like Mike or the bike. Felt makes some great bikes, I think they dropped the ball on this one. Chris
  9. farmallman

    Seat post is seized

    Ive had to drill a hole in the seat post and chain it to my truck and chain the frame to a tree and slowly pull forward. Its not too fun but it works.
  10. farmallman

    My Worksman M2600 "Nomad."

    I love the bars. Where did you get them from? Chris
  11. farmallman


    This is the stupidest thing Ive seen in a looong time. Looks like a monkey humping a hockey stick. Chris
  12. farmallman

    Schwinn Weinmann Tennis Racket Holder

    I found one at Memory Lane a few years back. I have it on a Suburban. Neat little item. I paid 5 bucks I believe. I got a good deal on it. They are rare but then again, who wants a tennis racket holder on their fork now a days? Chris
  13. farmallman

    I wanna see bike haulers!!

    Nice ford. What size Tires and lift do you have on that? Chris
  14. farmallman

    Looking for Info. Jan. Calander bike.

    Does anyone have any more info on the silver bike that is the January bike in the calander? I want to see who he made the shifter. Is there a thread of the build or something? Thanks Chris
  15. farmallman

    "For Ape Hangers Only" Club

    Awesome bike. How did you make that shifter? I would be interested in seeing more pics of it, the linkage to be specific. I am thinking of doing this to one of my bikes. Chris
  16. farmallman

    66 tandem

    That is a sweet bike. I have a 65 Schwinn Deluxe Twinn in Violet. It is part near mint. I love it and it rides great. Chris
  17. farmallman

    New bike hauler

    I have a 94 f150 straight 6 2 wheel drive, automatic. I have 222,000 miles on her right now and she is still going. Those straight 6 engines refuse die. Chris
  18. farmallman

    Been around. Figured Id Register

    Some of you will recognize me from the Schwinn forum. Ive been lookin at this site for a long time and figured Id just register and get it over with. I own about 30 ish Schwinns. They range in years from 1955 to 1980. I am a lightweight guy but I love my Middleweights and my few...