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  1. N8NBOX

    schWINn or Lose *5/15 ridden

    ...its all about having fun right? Anyways, I know mine wont be able to compete with all of the old school cool and high dollar/crazy fabricator skills builds...but ill enjoy it. Anyways, im super broke but help manage a non-profit community bike shop so have access to a ton of junk parts (99%...
  2. N8NBOX

    BMX ID Help!

    Really want to try and figure out what exactly this bike is....was my first bike and would love to try and find one :)
  3. N8NBOX

    OldSchool Sears, Industrial Trike, Road Bikes, TallBike...

    Just some of my past and current bikes I have built up..... My old Sears Cruiser...had to sell to help with the deposit on my house :( My super sweet Worksman Industrial trike...going to be a paleta cart but can carry 500lbs so use it to get groceries and anything else you can throw in it...
  4. N8NBOX

    Cubical Ladder...done?

    Had fun building this over the weekend...still want to change up the wheels and the paint and maybe do a little more metal work or put on some brakes for safety but the deadlines in a couple days and I have work. Not trying to win but wanted to at least enter something :). It is the most stable...
  5. N8NBOX

    Cubical Ladder

    Didn't think id make it into the build in time...wish I had time to paint and fancy it up before the end but want to make it into the buildoff before its too late so here it goes. I have been riding friends tallbikes here and there and been meaning to build one for myself to ride to work since...
  6. N8NBOX

    $24K Tallbike!!!

    I couldn't find this posted on here yet so thought id share.... ... t_id=39WT8
  7. N8NBOX

    Quick help!!!... Haro Extreme MTB Ok so I have been looking for a MTB for some time now...don't want anything fancy...looking to spend under $200 and I talked this guy down to $140 if I pick it up tonight or tomorrow. I really like the crazy frame but cant find any info on...
  8. N8NBOX

    Tallbikes & me on the news :)

    im riding the orange and green one with the camo shorts :).... ... =yes&shu=1 we are shown the whole episode in the background...this clip is also pretty funny... ... =yes&shu=1
  9. N8NBOX

    Cyclesomatic Oak Cliff, TX

    ... 10- day bike fest...and.... me on the news riding a tallbike :)... ... =yes&shu=1
  10. N8NBOX

    Bike Tubing?

    I am trying to find some tubing to build a custom burrito out of but the only thing I can find is some strong thinwall steel only comes in small sections. Anyone have any reccomendations for something strong but as light as possible...and the cheaper the better...and where I can get it? THANKS
  11. N8NBOX

    welding a fork?

    building a bike and wanting to use a 20 inch wheel on a 26" fork, would like to take out the gap and was thinking about cutting out about a 4" section of the fork and then welding it back together. My question is...would this be a really bad/unsafe idea or do you think it would be fine with a...
  12. N8NBOX

    Ebay Headlights?

    I have a cheapo led headlight im using for my night riding now but its more of a dont get arrested thing and ive been riding almost every night now so wanting to invest in a better light. Was thinking about a planetbike 1W light but would rather not spend $30 if I can get a 3W that will be even...
  13. N8NBOX

    Blue Schwinn LeTour

    after I bought my silver one for $100 I found this at a thrift store for $45 with a schwinn headlight/taillight/generator that im going to try and rewire and get to work soon but here it is after cleaning up all the packing tape and ziptied on crap so after 3 hours with some goo b gone, chrome...
  14. N8NBOX

    Ebay bike repair stand?

    anyone tried out one of these? think its worth the $30? ... 0423884188
  15. N8NBOX

    Uber Nifty Fixie video

    Some local boys doing some really cool shiznit...check it out or DOOM will rain upon your forhead. Seriously tricks and a really nifty video.
  16. N8NBOX

    Wooden Handlebars!? ....anyone else seen these? Was amazed when I ran across a fixie running one...apparently he doesn't have any for sale right now but would be cool to find one or make one myself...would be kind of neat on a ratbike.
  17. N8NBOX

    Fixies cause impotence!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA....found this artical online while searcing for some fixed gear pictures for inspiration on my singlespeed build and thought this part was quite amusing... "For men, the bikes present another challenge: Because riders can't stand up in the saddle to coast, long rides can result in...
  18. N8NBOX

    Schwinn LeTour info? Cleaned up 6/24 :)

    as many of you probably know by now im hunting for a good commute to work bike and have been searching for awhile now, found this on ebay tonight and its close enough for me to go pickup so was wondering what everyone thinks....... ... 0368368448 .....I...
  19. N8NBOX

    good deal on a varsity?

    I am trying to find something I can ride to work without being absolutely dead from cruising on my 60-70pound single speed cruiser and found this on craigslist... I am not completely sure if the size will be right for me because im 6' tall but...
  20. N8NBOX

    81 Fugi road/cruiser bike?

    anyone know anything about these?