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    "The Silver Arrow" 1980 Fendt Cardano Project

    So, haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd add some since it's getting down to crunch time.....frame has been polished, rims re-spoked (24" front 26" rear for a slight rake), added front drum brake, spinner hubs, and replaced rear suspension with shocks for a Honda CT 70........did a quick...
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    Batavus Racer

    That's a beautiful frame and looks like your work it amplifying it, nicely done.
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    "The Silver Arrow" 1980 Fendt Cardano Project

    Re: "The Silver Arrow" Fendt Cardano Project This is going to sound very stupid but what is the trick to posting pictures? I know you need to have pictures hosted on a photo site but i'm trying to place the links into the post and they aren't showing up.
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    "The Silver Arrow" 1980 Fendt Cardano Project

    So, This will be my first Build-Off.... I've done a few bike projects in the past but am still definitely a "novice" by most definitions. I spent probably 4 hours last night just looking at some of the other projects on here, some really awesome creations going on... As far as my plan for...