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    Suggestions for Spokes

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    Local Cycles recent builds

    Afew builds done at shop recently Refreshing a switchblade Electric kit to Vin's basman huffy panamajack fishing bike remake basman buildup "do tha white thang" 29"r customized newest build in progress "white widow" build in progress "3-way" FBI build LOCAL...
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    iRide Customs loop tail boardtrack

    What is the tank good for like 3 months between refills? good to see ya back to buildin. get one out to the shop wall already! :P
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    Schwinn font

    Thanks alot. I'm sure Fat Tony will put pics up when it is done. He needs a brooks and crank and will be back on the road
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    Redrider my second Basman is complete.

    come out nice ..and local cycles for 346 parts :P
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    Schwinn font

    Anyone have the fonts or graphics so i can make a vinyl mask like pictured need font used in Manta Ray because that will be "Purple Nurple" and 5 speed will be changed to 2 speed cause of the kickback
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    Built from scratch, but not quite a bike...

    can get you the sturmey hubs if you want. They are drum brake recumbents. using them on my "Project 3-way" The irony is the first body and name look like an import :P Where did you get the sprocket that is bolted to the disc rotor mounts?
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    POST your custom shifters

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    POST your custom shifters

    Lets see the diversity of custom made shifters. Post them up
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    Re: 2ND ANNUAL RRB AUCTION BIKE - need ideas'n'stuff! if it is a scratch built i got the headtube, bb, and dropouts start on some concept drawings if time permits maybe some framework locked in the jig
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    Abraham Linkage 1 1/8" fork on a 1" frame

    sounds good and easy thanks saved me unnecessary fab
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    Abraham Linkage 1 1/8" fork on a 1" frame

    I've got an old Schwinn. Looking to put a Felt Abraham Linkage 1 1/8" springer on a 1" frame. Anybody ever do this? If so, how?
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    XL comfort cruiser (renamed)

    Re: New Daily cruise Project yeah its a shame the MTB industry doesnt really have anymore triple trees besides the $1000 area cause they really make a plush ride. My MAD MAX with Marz DJ and springy brooks saddle feel almost like a full suspension. Hope to see more of this project
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    Driftwood Cruisers II and III

    one piece is taking a step backwards.... they are all essentially the same and just a chunk of steel remember your on a "ratrod" site maybe i'll get one in my showroom in the summer
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    Driftwood Cruisers II and III

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    Driftwood Cruisers II and III

    CHRIS KING - headsets, hubs, bottombrackets Profile Racing - cranks, sprockets, hubs, sprockets, stems, pedals (not sure if 100% of parts are still in house) Industry nine - rims, hubs, spokes PAUL compnent - hubs, cranks, brakes NYC freeride - pedals, stems Brooklyn machine works-...
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    Re: AUCTION BIKE IS DONE!!! Just seeing this now, but considering this is to raise money for the site that we all use, dont you think selling it as raffle tickets at $5 a piece as a community would probably collect more money than auctioning it to whoever has the most to spend auction style...
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    yea thats a sweet front :P still didnt do her rear! hoping for a softail
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    SIC Kustoms 3D-2 dropouts I think i have 2 or 3 pairs left. These are the original 3d-1s ...the 2s were made to try to cut down on the cost once run realized billet steel takes ALOT more cnc time than aluminum
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