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  1. Klunky.Skunky

    Hobbies your bike helped you get back into

    Though I would start up a thread discussing other hobbies people love to take their bikes to go do. For me, it's geocaching. I've always been a fan of both, but only recently have I combined the two. A phone or tablet mount on the handlebars and I'm ready to roll. Plus, it's helped me find all...
  2. Klunky.Skunky

    Picked it up today, not sure what it is.

    Maybe an old Raleigh? Serial on bottom bracket is 1318409
  3. Klunky.Skunky

    Not sure what I have

    I'm not sure if it's prewar, but man I love it. It looks like an old Raleigh maybe, but all of its decals have withered away, and the serial doesn't match any Raleigh serials online. I could only find one similar head badge online. Not sure what I got but for 25$, at the very least it's a good...
  4. Klunky.Skunky

    Where to go next

    I put this bike up in intros as well. Originally, I bought it with the intention of putting a two stroke on it, just to cruise the back roads out here. It's a Genesis Astra 29, it's my first bike as an adult other than the bike i ride for work (intro). Here's a stock image. My first issue with...
  5. Klunky.Skunky

    OK Klunkerz Bike Club

    Looking to organize a bicycle club. Seems like most of the clubs I see here in Oklahoma are road bike oriented, not much out there for rat rod, cruisers, what have have you. Pm me if your in the area and have experience organizing rides or anything else, or if your part of a club and might be...
  6. Klunky.Skunky

    Hello all

    Hello from Norman Oklahoma! I've been browsing the forum for several months now and thought it was time to introduce myself. I'm a 23 year old professional cyclist... Or at least that's what I tell myself. I do get paid to ride a bike all day long, as a parking lot security officer. My work Bike...