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    Need help identifying a fork

    bought a niner today. My first mountain bike in 15+ years. It came with this green rockshox on it. His friend built this bike and he bought it because his friend needed cash and he was trying to help him out. The guy I bought it from replaced the original stickers with old school stickers. So...
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    SOLD 2010 Felt Fat Tire Bike "New in Box" Dallas/Fort Worth

    Been Holding on to this one for a while, but I think I would like to pass it on to someone that collects these or someone else to enjoy riding it. It's brand new, box has never been open. Has been sitting in a spare bedroom for a few years. Would like to get $600 obo I may also consider...
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    Felt : change to freewheel hub and adding disc brakes

    I have never liked coaster brakes so I'm wanting to swap to freewheel. If I do that I need to install brake(s). I think it would be cool to put a disc brake on the rear and leave it at that. I'm sure it's possible but I'm wondering what the best diy bolt on way is. I havent been in here in years...
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    Is stripping to metal that important?

    From what I have read on here, most of you will strip the frame down to metal before you paint it. Is this necessary? Just wondering if I clean it real good and maybe get a brillow pad or some light sand paper then paint it if that will work? I did find a guy that will strip and powder coat...
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    Chucka's Electra Build

    This will be a long ongoing thread depending on how busy work keeps me and my personal life. but thought this would be a good place to post pics as I do it. Scored a Electra Suzy Q off craigslist yesterday. Looks a little weathered but in great shape. Seat and grips need replacing for sure but...
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    Diamondback Chopper?

    Can't find any info on a Diamonback Chopper, but found one on craigslist. Does anyone know anything about this bike? or is it a different bike and they don't know what they have?
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    Felt Bicycle Pics

    I've seen the Electra thread and wanted to see everyone's Felt's I sold my 1903 last year and have been itching for another Felt. Found one local on craigslist for a smoking deal and now have another 1903 sitting at my house. I'm really considering on taking it apart and making it custom. So...
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    20" Rat Rod?

    This is my first thread (besides the intro one) so be easy on me Just wondering if anybody on here builds or has built a 20inch custom. Most of the ones i've been seeing are bigger cruiser type bikes. the reason I ask is because I found a cool 60's bike that looks like a bigger cruiser but is...
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    Newbie From Texas

    I'm new to all this so be nice :) I don't have a Rat Rod bike, but have a couple newer cruisers and I'm very interested in making some sort of creation of my own. Right now I have a 2004 electra Fat Tire bike. I also have a Rolling Rock bike (i think made by Victory) that I picked up cheap...