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    Local Cycles recent builds

    Afew builds done at shop recently Refreshing a switchblade Electric kit to Vin's basman huffy panamajack fishing bike remake basman buildup "do tha white thang" 29"r customized newest build in progress "white widow" build in progress "3-way" FBI build LOCAL...
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    Schwinn font

    Anyone have the fonts or graphics so i can make a vinyl mask like pictured need font used in Manta Ray because that will be "Purple Nurple" and 5 speed will be changed to 2 speed cause of the kickback
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    POST your custom shifters

    Lets see the diversity of custom made shifters. Post them up
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    Abraham Linkage 1 1/8" fork on a 1" frame

    I've got an old Schwinn. Looking to put a Felt Abraham Linkage 1 1/8" springer on a 1" frame. Anybody ever do this? If so, how?
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    spopke length/pattern programs

    was just respondin to someone else and figured this is good for all the lost lacing souls BEST PROGRAMS OUT THERE
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    finished an old ....... bike to take to Spain 8 speed Alfine 24x65mm Hoops with 24x3 tires(switchin to knurled maxxis hookworms 2.5") Firebike Shotgun shifter Marzocchi triple tree Brooks
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    Local FLUID builds

    afew Fluid builds green = 24x3 whitewalls blue = 26x3 high crowm flame treads
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    Some starting pieces This might take awhile to buildup....$$$$$$
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    SIC NICK from LBNY

    I am from Long Beach, NY. Built "assembled" my first custom in high school. (1995) 6x9s on 400watt amp off car battery (mobile stereo has come along way) in 2tone formica cabinet Tried to start a "business" out of it Assembled afew similar lowrider customs at that time it never panned out...
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    Presented by LOCAL CYCLES and SIC Kustoms coverage by Bike Rod n Kustoms So party will be my new shops anniversary party AUGUST 20-22, 2010 Fri Cruisin-n-Boozin -LBNY Beach Barhop Party Cruise Sat Rumble-n-Stumble -cruise to Rumblers show Brooklyn>>>then cruise again into...