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  1. krazykort

    Night of the Flightliner

    I present to all of you... Night of the Flightliner: Took it out along the lakefront today, so much better riding with 7 gears instead of just one... its like night and day! Obligatory night shot... And of course, I found this giant fountain... Build thread here
  2. krazykort

    Sears 3 speed

    Sears 3 speed, I cleaned it up a little, looks to still be pretty good chrome. $40 shipped, pm your email and I'll send an invoice. Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk
  3. krazykort

    SRAM i-Motion 3 Complete Kit - 3 Speed Internal Hub & Shifter

    $50 shipped never been installed.
  4. krazykort

    Spaceliner, rack and chain guard

    I got these in a lot with my springer fork for the build off. I got a really good deal so I'm passing the savings on... each for 40+ shipping. The chrome on the rack is almost mint. The chain guard should polish up nicely, there are some scratches on the paint though. Pm your email and zip...
  5. krazykort

    Night of the flightliner -FINISHED

    First time for a build-off, Perfect timing since this arrived yesterday... I'm thinking everything in a dark monochrome palette.
  6. krazykort

    Long time lurker... Time to post

    Well I've been a long time lurker here in the forums and never really had time to post any of my builds... these are from a while back when I first joined and had all the intentions of being active here... I'm a Motion Graphics Artist/Art Director from Chicago, Spend most my free time on a...