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    Barn find Supercycle Cougar 72'

    Picked up this today. Branded Supercycle but made by CCM, Seems to be a mix of Cheetah (Frame) and Mustang (Seat, chainguard, sissy bar) parts. Aired up the tires and took it for a ride around the block. The 3 speed works on it, seat has one very small nick but otherwise soft and amazing...
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    Looking for a CCM fork, for a CCM Scrambler.

    Looking for the same fork as below. Same fork is on most CCM branded muscle bikes (Cheetah, Mustang, Scrambler). This one is bent and twisted/tweaked in a few spots. Colour doesn't matter but would prefer an orange fork. I'll take what I can get, so long as it's straight and threads are good...
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    So, did the ol' painted whitewall trick.

    First time doing it...experimented with a worn out tire first. Washed clean, then used a rag to wipe off gunk, steel wool, rinse again..then masked and painted. I used some Rust-o-leum 2x cover semi gloss white's just what I happened to have on hand. I got a few other tires...
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    CCM Scrambler 19XX

    Done a bit of work on it, I need to find a proper fork for it as the original one has a bent/crushed steerer tube and I'm pretty sure the crown is twisted in some way, as the fork was not straight on the bike. Not sure on exact year of the bike. After pulling it from the basement, I swapped...
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    Just got a deal on some reflectors.

    So, was watching this all week, expecting a bunch of bidders on it. I ended up paying $12 for the lot of them, paid a bit more than that in shipping costs though..but in total, for what i paid I would've only gotten 2 pairs of the hub shiner/license plate reflectors in the lot in a normal eBay...
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    20" wheels that aren't 20"

    So, this is about my Triumph 20 again, as I began work on the wheels and removed tires to put on other ones I had, I noticed they were a different size, despite both tires being 20" printed on the sidewall. The ones off the Triumph are 20" x1-3/8" tires and I was gonna toss on some slightly...
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    Headset bushing? Triumph/Raleigh 20

    So, I'm in the middle of reassembling a Triumph 20 (so far I've just cleaned and regreased the bottom bracket and put it back together) and it's got a bushing at the top instead of the usual race and bearings. Is there any reason for it being a bushing instead of a regular top cup? Would I be...
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    Today's find, Triumph 20

    Got this off a neighbour today who was cleaning out a shed. Needs work, It'll be taken apart and stuff, couple neat things on it too, like the front cable guide on the steerer and a metal badge of some sort for bicycle safety and the bolt on the steerer tube.
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    CCM Scrambler

    Picked this up a bit ago for $40cad, it's gonna be my next project. Fork needs replaced. Seems like it hit something at one point and partially cracked the weld at the fork crown. I've got a couple spare forks but none in this orange. I might go for a repop straight springer
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    Fender reflector IDing. (odd, I know)

    So, I've been on the search for a reflector for my rear fender for ages. it's got the mount for it....But whenever I come across these same fenders(online or fleamarkets), the reflector is always missing. I've no idea on the brand of fenders either. I'm assuming these fenders are super common...
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    Making a repop Monarch better?

    So, I bought one of those repop dual springer Monarch forks, it's been on my bike for a little over a year now. My only issue are the pivot bolts. I wanna add in bushings or bearings of some sort to make it pivot a bit smoother... I've thought about teflon/ptfe or oilite thrust washers between...
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    Fleetwing questions.

    I'm wondering what kind of Fleetwing I got....The bike has no headtube badge and no holes or spots where it looked like there was one riveted or tacked on...or even remnants of one that was peeled off. I'm also in Canada, which may or may not make a difference. I search Fleetwing I get a few...
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    Fleetwing is flying again.

    Picked up an old Single Speed Fleetwing last fall, at a localish Bi-annual Automotive Fleamarket in Barrie Ontario. I picked up the bike for $20...(The guy even threw in a girls bike for free, it's been a parts bike for a couple things). It was in rather rough shape when I got it....Bottom...
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    New guy from Canadaland

    Hey, not too good with intros but I'm in Ontario, Canada...bought myself a couple project banana seat bikes (Western Flyer Buzz and a Leader Whisper)yesterday at a fleamarket..been looking around for ideas on what to do with them and stumbled upon this site. First banana seat bike I've owned in...