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  1. oddrodal


    Clyde James Cycles 4201 Stanley Keller Rd Haltom City TX 76115
  2. oddrodal

    BOA-G 26X3.45

    Try Clyde James cycles he had a few last week. 817-726-9461 or his website
  3. oddrodal

    Found: 20" fork for a orang krate

    Looking for a 20" blade or springer fork for a 70 stingray boys bike with front brake. it is a orang krate but i will be happy with a blade fork. hopefully not priced like feebay. Thanks
  4. oddrodal


    Have had this In the shed for a while. also have another frame. had no idea what it was till I seen a old add of one
  5. oddrodal

    Kingfish254's Finds - Sep17 - Second Trek CNC Rail - 240,000 VIEWS!!!!!! + Felt Deep Six

    yep.. you beat me on that one. I got the tank and some fenders
  6. oddrodal

    Felt Bicycle Pics

    was a monster energy drink. dope leather works saddle. warren wong wheels
  7. oddrodal

    Jerald's Sulky Tire or Two

    I got mine from a horse tack store. think its There is another but don't remember the name.
  8. oddrodal

    Murray Tank Bike

    Tank if u part it out
  9. oddrodal

    Pedals - Schwinn; Wald(?); Torrington 10

    PM sent on #2
  10. oddrodal

    Can someone name the frame?

    I think I had a summit workhorse industrial like that.
  11. oddrodal

    SOLD Klunker Time! Brake Mounts

    Convo. sent
  12. oddrodal

    CWC straight bar frame with steel gas tank.

    PM sent....
  13. oddrodal

    SOLD 1947 Elgin/ Higgins rack $50 shipped

    Convo sent...
  14. oddrodal

    Round Top Elgin

    Great score!! I did a trade for one last week. missing the tank:( but had the floating front hub and a little crusty. cant load pics. cant the size down.
  15. oddrodal

    Repro Luxury Liner parts free shipping

    $$$ sent
  16. oddrodal

    Repro Luxury Liner parts free shipping

    PM sent on fork.
  17. oddrodal

    SOLD Pile of Patina.... Barn variety

    PM sent
  18. oddrodal

    Schwinn seatpost, ladies tank, Union pedals, ladies saddle, 36T sprocket

    Will the tank fit a 54 flying star. middle weight
  19. oddrodal

    Roland 3 Speed Coral Cruiser

    From what I found on the web they make a good bicycle. Cant remember exactly but been making bikes for like 20 years or more in Texas I have a black one. I'm thinking of making a klunker out of it..