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  1. Bike Bum

    Show us your Cars!

    I have a couple Avenger GT12s. And if you look in the background you'll see my two dune buggy projects, one of my daily drivers a 1954 Ford Customline and way in the back is a '51 Studebaker. (One of three Studes)
  2. Bike Bum

    Hello Rat Road Bikes forum members!

    Welcome! Yeah, my Dyno grips have a D on the end. Love my Dyno, smoothest bike I ever rode.
  3. Bike Bum

    Hey everyone!

    Welcome! Yup, you're going to fit in great here.
  4. Bike Bum

    Hello from Detroit

    Welcome fellow Michigander!
  5. Bike Bum

    Meet Matti

    Welcome! Haha, your sense of humor and attitude are exactly what this site is about. Well, that and building bikes. From one graphic designer to another, you're going to love it here.
  6. Bike Bum

    I thought I was done

    Welcome! I have a barn full of bikes that I promised myself that I'll restore or customize someday. I completely uprooted my life in the last year and I've come to realize that working on these bikes are a great stress reliever. I have a serious problem of not being able to sell anything so my...
  7. Bike Bum

    MooN Raker

    Yes! Virgil had an imagination I could only dream of. I absolutely love his 1960 XNR concept car.
  8. Bike Bum

    42 Skidoo

    I really like this style of bikes. Maybe it's reminiscent of my old BMX racing days. I don't know, but this bike really has a great look. You got my vote.
  9. Bike Bum


    Wow! This bike is amazing. You obviously know how to use a camera too. The only thing I would change is I would move the fourth picture to the top. When it comes to voting, RRB uses the first picture and your fourth pic really shows off your bike.
  10. Bike Bum

    Cleveland Welding Lagniappe

    Great job on the bike. You really nailed it with this build. When I lived down south, outside of New Orleans, Lagniappe was a popular word. When buying some cracklin from the Cajuns they would dump some in a paper sack then add a little more and say "and there a little Lagniappe for ya". Haha...
  11. Bike Bum

    MooN Raker

    When I went to automotive design college in Detroit I had to write a paper about someone we looked up to. I picked Harley Earl. It was pretty cool designing cars in the same town that Harley Earl actually drove his concept cars in. He's still one of my heroes.
  12. Bike Bum

    Thompson Classic Bicycle Components - grips and seats

    Oh yeah, time to order another set of the red glitter coke bottle grips!
  13. Bike Bum

    Show us your Cars!

    Here's one I've been trying to sell. 1949 Mercury Woodie Wagon. $80k Sad to see it go. "Edit" Yup, it's sold!!
  14. Bike Bum

    "Saturday Night Special" class 1

    This is a very cool frame. Crazy thing is, I just bought one a couple weekends ago. Didn't know what it was but after some research I learned Murray built these under their name and Sears, Western Flyer and Hiawatha. I think there was one more but I can't remember. I was going to build it for...
  15. Bike Bum

    MooN Raker

    Heck yeah! One of my favorite bikes is my '57 Evans.
  16. Bike Bum

    Hello from michigan

    Welcome, from another Michigander.
  17. Bike Bum

    Looking for Cheap Ape hangers

    What do you call cheap? I bought new apes for $20 bucks. They don't get much cheaper unless you find rusted ones but they're about 10 bucks.
  18. Bike Bum

    Too Cold to work on bikes

    I know the feeling. Tomorrow night is supposed to be -25 with a high of -1. Yeah For me moving back to Michigan a couple months ago.
  19. Bike Bum

    My Chrome Cruiser build.

    Very cool. Bike came out nice. Try getting a longer gooseneck to raise the bars up. The bars look great so I wouldn't change them. Those tires look great, as long as they don't rub the frame, I'd leave them alone too. This bike really makes me want to build a strandie.