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  1. syclesavage

    Lights for sale

    3.0 inch wide LED flashlight with handlebar mount 3 AA battery power in handle 20.00 plus S/H Oxford tail light runs on a D battery works fine 20.00 plus S/H Handlebar flashlight mount vintage and old wood dowels 20.00 plus S/H
  2. syclesavage

    Shop Bike

    Starting to create a shop bike on the theme of a shop truck. Married a Roadmaster frame to a Columbia no horn tank. Fenders are Hawthorne, Chain guard is a JC Higgins that had to be altered a bit. Added the extra rear fender piece, will have a killer era correct rear reflector converted to...
  3. syclesavage

    Sunday Special

    Hey All I'm selling my 1954 Columbia Rambler i have the original hoops, front and rear new departure hubs, grips (black).Light complete and works lens was replaced. One rear fender brace rivet was replaced. Seat post I do have too I created a lucky 7 for my style of ride. Repop horn assembly due...
  4. syclesavage

    26 and 28 inch wheels n rims

    26 inch complete wheel set black with green specks new departure rear hub skip tooth cog 25.00 28 inch complete wheel set wood clad good condition 50.00 2 sets of rims red white painted pinstripe and blue white painted pinstripe 20.00 a set All wheels n rims please add S/H...
  5. syclesavage

    Western Flyer back

    Good lookin rack 30.00 obo plus S/H
  6. syclesavage

    Bike Parts n Lights

    Looking to get rid of a long spring seat with clamp seat top pan also and some lights : seat 35.00 pan 10.00 lights all between 5.00 to 20.00 you can pretty much tell which is 5 and which is the 20.00 Oh and a horn which works has a modern piezo siren in it. I will bundle any and all also I'm...
  7. syclesavage

    Pinstripes to a bike

    Hey ratters can I see what's out there for pinstripes to all your bike regular mostly the ornate stuff is not going to look good to what style of bike I am currently building more so looking for ideals. thanks
  8. syclesavage

    Shipping stuff

    Thanks to Yeshoney aka Joe G for a fabulous job in shipping my new tires to me. Just got home from work and wanted to let the RR people know of something good that happens. will try yp snap a pic and post if I can. Thanks again Yeshoney.
  9. syclesavage

    Lookin for a RR member

    Does anyone know truckname$ue member I'm trying to get in touch with this person all's fine. Don't want to start gossip.
  10. syclesavage

    Hot Rod build

    Good morning to all RRB guys not wantin to waste money I'm trying a new build and I need a lil help in the measurement department I'm using a prewar Columbia frame I have 3inches between the frame supports for rear wheel in the kickstand area and I want to use a 26x57mm or a 26x 2.5 rim and tire...
  11. syclesavage

    Tire thread

    Lookin for the thread on this site bout the wider tires that are out there... I'm needin a tire that's 26x2.25 or 2.30
  12. syclesavage

    Repop lens

    Can I get some help who's making repop lens for our bike lights
  13. syclesavage

    Tire size

    What to put a set of 26 x 2,35 tires on my 40's Ward Hawtmorne? Looking for input about weather they will fit and if some one has tried this. Don't want to spend the $$$$$ if they won't fit. Thanks for the input
  14. syclesavage

    Fork tube light mount

    Does any one have this style of light mount that they may want to get rid of want 1 or 2 if you got don't want to get this from Greece if I can get in the states