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  1. PublicNuisance

    RRBBO13 Big Ron's Resto-Mod

    Better late than never! I am FINALLY back. As usual, things are crazy busy here, but I've been blessed with the opportunity for some awesome customer builds. I am jumping in on this a little late, but excited none the less. This build is for Big Ron Jones (a Speedway, Indiana fixture) and we'll...
  2. PublicNuisance

    Hawthorne fresh find - Need help dating

    Just picked this up last weekend. Looks to be all there, but I'm having a super hard time finding the model, manufacturer and dating it. Any help / thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. PublicNuisance

    Clearing out the garage - Price lowered!

    NOW $1200 or interesting trades! In order to allow more space (and funds) for the vintage bikes in my life, I am clearing out a few bikes that just don't get ridden as much as they should. The first one I'm listing is a gorgeous Giant DS2 XC that I built from the frame up. It's in near mint...
  4. PublicNuisance

    Mint Julep

    Hey guys.... after dropping off the face of the earth for a while (work and family life has been keeping me VERY VERY busy), I'm back for the Build-Off. This year, I'll be building a 1933 Colson rear steer tandem. "Mint Julep" will continue the bourbon-inspired bike builds and follow in the...
  5. PublicNuisance

    Interesting..... odd Colson head badge?

    SO this is the Colson badge that was on our '33 rear-steer tandem. I took a look on the internet and couldn't find a badge like it. Has anyone seen one of these Colson head badges before?
  6. PublicNuisance

    Craigslist score

    Sometimes you find a good one! Looks to be in great shape - picking it up today. Could be a GREAT candidate for a TRM tank :) More details to come. Why is it that we always find blue bikes... lol
  7. PublicNuisance

    A couple new friends

    Picked up this 33 or 34 Colson rear-steer tandem for my wife as a little present. This will be a project for us together! Needs a lot of things since quite a few are missing but it was a great deal price-wise. If anyone has any parts for it PLEASE let me know. When it was dropped off I was...
  8. PublicNuisance

    Finally got a pre war ride

    Marked this off my list yesterday. Picked up a 1936 Hoffman Arrow. It's a '36 Colson SWB made for Hoffman Sporting Goods here in Indianapolis. Staring to look for the correct truss forks and other items. Let me know if you've got something. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. PublicNuisance

    1965 Murray Skymaster

    Just got here today from Falstaff! Took the afternoon off and cleaned the paint, chrome, and lubed it. I'm leaving it as is except for a few accessories. It seriously has some of the best patina I have ever seen! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. PublicNuisance

    '61 Schwinn bomber

    So to combat my post-build-off blues, I jumped on this little project. It's a 1961 Schwinn CoEd - completely original and complete. Figured I'd build a bomber for the wifey since that's on my list after Bourbon & Blue. Sometimes you just wanna rock a patina'd out ratty bomber instead of an...
  11. PublicNuisance

    Found this rod-brake 28er locally

    Anyone got an idea as to what she is? I googled a bunch of things and came up empty? Nothing on "Standard" or "original Standard" and I don't get the "K" head badge either.
  12. PublicNuisance

    Bourbon & Blue (1957 Schwinn Phantom Board Track Resto-Mod) - voting booth photo at top -

    Build thread here - More pics after the description :) My goals here were simple, take what I had from an original 1957 Schwinn Phantom and meld it with some modern components... A classic resto-mod. I drew inspiration from...
  13. PublicNuisance

    Bourbon & Blue - FINISHED -

    I'm a new member here and caught the vintage cycling bug about a year ago when I bought my wife a original and complete Firestone Speed Chief. At the same time I picked up a '57 Schwinn Phantom that had been rattle-canned to death and built with other various parts over the years. At the time I...