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  1. syclesavage

    1946 Roadmaster Badge/Guard/Chainring

    Same one I have MD
  2. syclesavage

    1946 Roadmaster Badge/Guard/Chainring

    Chain guards are tough to find Ebay you can try
  3. syclesavage

    1946 Roadmaster Badge/Guard/Chainring

    I may have a chain ring similar for you. I deal with the Hawthorne CWC style bike which is kinda the same. You do know its a skip tooth style.
  4. syclesavage

    Lights for sale

    3.0 inch wide LED flashlight with handlebar mount 3 AA battery power in handle 20.00 plus S/H Oxford tail light runs on a D battery works fine 20.00 plus S/H Handlebar flashlight mount vintage and old wood dowels 20.00 plus S/H
  5. syclesavage

    ** Let's see your Bicycle Winter pic's **

    Driveway Shot
  6. syclesavage

    Seat / Saddle Gallery - Post Pics Here

    Here's mine
  7. syclesavage

    Before & After Pics

    Shop Bike
  8. syclesavage

    Lets see your Columbia's!

    I made it
  9. syclesavage

    Barn Find Schwinn

    p/m me BFB I can help
  10. syclesavage

    Barn Find Schwinn

    ya want a stand alone LED unit? that's easy.
  11. syclesavage

    Let's see some home made battery tubes!

    I made one out of a dynamite detonator, tube is brass stamped with Eveready manufacturer mumbo jumbo. I will be putting it up for sale too.
  12. syclesavage

    Howe Caverns Bicycle show and Swap meet. Has been canceled.

    sorry for ya stevie z
  13. syclesavage

    Linseed oil finish?

    Love the linseed for sure.
  14. syclesavage

    Shop Bike

    I do and thanks for that
  15. syclesavage

    Shop Bike

    I'm not getting it?????????????????
  16. syclesavage

    New England Builders Ball Sept. 23 come see L'Angelo di Ferro!

    Congrats BW good luck!!!
  17. syclesavage

    S&H Bicycle Store year end Crap Sale

    Would love to show but can't good luck as always.
  18. syclesavage

    Shop Bike

    Starting to create a shop bike on the theme of a shop truck. Married a Roadmaster frame to a Columbia no horn tank. Fenders are Hawthorne, Chain guard is a JC Higgins that had to be altered a bit. Added the extra rear fender piece, will have a killer era correct rear reflector converted to...
  19. syclesavage


    That's absolutely just plain funny right there.
  20. syclesavage

    Not exactly a fresh find!

    Must be a big shop to loose something so large as that.