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  1. Ty Henderson

    Cruisers with bull/persuit bars

    I never ran bullhorns on a cruiser, I think it would look a little odd to be honest. Those belong on tight geo / roadie frames only in my opinion. They're set up to get low and aero... which is the opposite of cruiser position. But that's just me. If you're looking for a bar that gets you more...
  2. Ty Henderson

    Son Of A Beach

    Very cool! Loving the color combo... the vans cult grips are some of my favorites, I run them on almost everything! Same with ody platforms... can't go wrong!
  3. Ty Henderson

    '53 CWC Western Flyer art deco custom

  4. Ty Henderson

    '53 CWC Western Flyer art deco custom

    You accomplished it quite well indeed! I'd keep it the way it is, but as they say, less is more... so be it :D Not sure how its art deco, but it would fit in a twentieth century living room.
  5. Ty Henderson

    PCBRC - Pseudo Cook Brothers Cruiser - Vote for your favorite Photo!

    Looks great! Especially in the areas you can see the black underlay
  6. Ty Henderson

    '53 CWC Western Flyer art deco custom

    Looks really good! Much better than the drab cream accents. It pops, but not too much. Did you 'paint' the pedals or are they a different red set? The fender reflector is a nice touch.
  7. Ty Henderson

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    You're too right, and this isn't a lame-o photography forum, its all about BIKES! I was in an ornery mood last night ;) I do enjoy all the photo's posted in this and all other threads! Accept for those darn ones that are posted upside down and make my neck hurt hahaha.
  8. Ty Henderson

    Extrastahlohr Titanus

    I've never had the opportunity to play with bicycles this old, but I can only imagine how melded things can get with that amount of time! I've had plenty of headaches with much younger components! :) Out of curiosity where do you find these gems? I'd love to start hunting down one for myself as...
  9. Ty Henderson

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    I think there should have been some sort of restriction / requirements for this thread. Posting a low quality highly distorted cell phone pic is just annoying? 'zooming' in / 'cropping' a picture doesn't make it macro.
  10. Ty Henderson

    Muscle Memory - Painting Candy Brandywine - Out of Time 09/07

    I don't expect much from eBay any more. I try everything I can to avoid it... For years it was awesome, no issues fast shipping etc... but within the last couple years I've had too many headaches to deal with. Somehow their quality control has completely deteriorated. That or I have horrible luck.
  11. Ty Henderson

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    Killer photo's. What Camera are you using?
  12. Ty Henderson

    'The' Purple Nurple!

    Well that's good, 'cuz I don't much like stretched frames! If anything I might bump up to a 20'' front wheel to push it higher and lose that 'stretch' look. I like to sit high and tight, in the 'pocket' '60s chopper style, not stretched and low orange county chopper stuff.
  13. Ty Henderson

    Foundation for Fun - Emory Mojave Sand Cruiser

    It's a stunning build so, so, SO clean. Even If I don't like the color combination its gorgeous. The shimano 600 seems to be the 'Classy' crank set for a lot of the cruiser / klunkers I see on here. It's economical and aesthetically pleasing. I'm gonna have to try it out.
  14. Ty Henderson

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    Cool thread! Nice photo's guys! One of my hobbies is photography. It was my major in college, although I never made a career out of it, and my equipment is now way outdated I'll play! This makes me want to buy a macro lens for my 'old' DSLR again after selling mine years ago. I decided I'd shoot...
  15. Ty Henderson

    1957 Schwinn Corvette 26" Stingray

    Thats sweet! I want a big boy stingray someday!
  16. Ty Henderson

    'The' Purple Nurple!

    Thanks Luke! It’s gettin there!
  17. Ty Henderson

    'The' Purple Nurple!

    Some progress today... polished up my tubes and put everything together. I really love this bike. It's second only to my high end daily. Front end is welded up, ready for final polish. I seemed to have lost one of my bearing race, so that sucks but I'm sure I have extras. [
  18. Ty Henderson

    Trans-MIG-RaT...RidE ViDeo ! Pg 15

    I'm on the no tank side of the fence. IMO it looks a lot more classy without.
  19. Ty Henderson

    1860s bicycle lock

    That's too cool! I wouldn't be locking my bike up with it though out of fear. Maybe of losing that cool piece over the bike itself :D Maybe up in Michigan its a little more friendly than south Tucson, Az. But those links would be twisted off in a heart beat down here. From what I can tell, my...