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    Kearney Cruise!!!!!!!

    1000's of giant party...the 18th and 19yh of takin my Belvedere down...who else is gona be there....sound off
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    Kearney Cruise Ratrods

    My friend just told me while he was at the Kearney cruise last year, he stumbled across a mini ratrod show in a parking lot undernieth an overpass, and there was a burnout contest, anybody know where it will be this year... or if it exists..
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    Bike shows-swaps within driving distance of Nebraka??

    HI!! since summers well on its way ide like to know, is there any good bicyle swaps or shows planned within driving distance of nebraka? Ive never been to a good sized bike show-swap. I lve in the western part of nebraska, but will travel to KS,CO, or any other close state if its worth it...The...
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    The Fin-Cycle

    Allot of people know this bike, but I want to make for sure that all the newer members get to see her to. She took 3 years to build. chainguard is a Monark stretched 5 inches. rims are 144 spoks. Forks are girls goodyear. Fenders are rollfast.Breakarm is heald on by a chevy starter shim..hahaThe...
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    I dont get Burritos?

    well ive never made a burrito.....except for foood served in a roll form (but i dont think that counts) :D ...but about the high-bike part of this thread, a have made one of those and they are awesome...theres something about being able to ride next to a lifted up truck and still be cab level...
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    piston shifter

    awww..thats a cute lil piston :lol:
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    Who's Schrader???

    Maybe I think too much, but i was just installing probably my millionth bike tube and i took a peek at the box, and noticed the box said " bicycle tubes with schrader valves"......So this got me to thinkin, who's schrader? and why am I using his valves? :lol:
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    Prewar-style kickstand made aftermarket?

    they sell those on streetlowrider, i like them, good price,sturdy, i like the fact they lock, the only problem is that they dont work well on a rear facing dropout , I ended up cutting and welding mine on.
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    Tru-Test, who made it?

    I was just givin a 50's boys tru-test, It has a flying teardrop sprocket like a monark and the way the frame is made is similar to that of a monark, Who made Tru-test? Did monark make it? Any info would be appriciated.
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    Did you have a crappy day?

    Im gonna get one of those stickers for the next build off, haha
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    help on sprocket discription ?

    Im thinkin Harly, saw a sprocket on ebay like that once and it was harly
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    THE FIN-CYCLE, done after 2 and a half years!!!

    I managed to get new pics.
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    CCR....boy or a girl ?

    Congrats, so..Is he MiniBobba? or MiniChops?
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    THE FIN-CYCLE, done after 2 and a half years!!!

    Hey, Its been a while, been super buizy the last few months and havent got to log-on much. But im finally able to put some pics of the fin-cycle on the net. Some of you older members will remember this bike when I first started it. After-all it only took me 2 and a 1/2 years :lol: The fin...
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    Just a little fun mowing today.

    haha, The mower is facing out of the water... im curious how'de this happen? :D
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    Ide get ya some Mothers wax . Mothers wax smells soooooo good, and it really shines up tires.
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    Tire Width??

    As far as the tire fitting you'll be ok, you just may have to run the tire at a lower PSI, if the width of the rim is a good amount smaller than the tire. But most MTB rims are so wide these days I dont think that would be an issue. Fork clearance and frame clearance may be your biggest problem.
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    Bowden Spacelanders Being Restored

    My friend has a repro set of those fender-forks, hes been saving them for a special project.
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    $$ T H E M O N E Y B U I L D $$

    isn't damageing a coin illegal?