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  1. Captain Awesome

    First time ever building a bike, completely new to the whole thing, advice and help welcome. Huffy Dragster

    Can't go wrong with Husky! I've got a fat box of parts waiting for me at home from them
  2. Captain Awesome

    Bowden Spacelander

    :39: :39: :39: :39: :39:
  3. Captain Awesome

    Shipping a Bike across the US
  4. Captain Awesome

    '79 Schwinn Fair Lady

    It's my second favorite F word
  5. Captain Awesome


    Amazing space!!! Museum and store front feel
  6. Captain Awesome

    Dragst-Her Too

    Where's everyone scoring those from?
  7. Captain Awesome

    Your happy place

    Gorgeous. My wife wants to visit Greece one day. Maybe after the world rights itself
  8. Captain Awesome

    Schwinn Stingray Sabertooth
  9. Captain Awesome

    Who is stripping and auctioning off OCC Chopper Bikes on eBay?!?!

    Where did I misplace that confused emoji.......... :39: Why on earth would someone be so obsessed with "saving" those things?
  10. Captain Awesome

    Should I go for it, or just let it sell?

    I like them both but the kid in me wants to see that pink one get triked!!
  11. Captain Awesome

    Apple Cider Special

    I'd say you gotta go for the wheelie bars!!! And I agree with you on those apes. If they had a nice tapered V they would look even better
  12. Captain Awesome


    That Prelude is :113:
  13. Captain Awesome

    Selling/Trading During the Pandemic

    Mask up Keep the distance Decline handshakes Money in a plastic bag Lysol the parts Lysol the money Continue living life!! That's how I've been handling it lately
  14. Captain Awesome

    1st Tall Bike.

  15. Captain Awesome

    Columbian Hitman

    Hard to say. I just do it because I've always done it. I pretty much rip straight into any set regardless of brand
  16. Captain Awesome


    Some of my favorites!
  17. Captain Awesome

    Adding to the confusion...

    But yes, this too :thumbsup: