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  1. freederix

    One of two

    Hard choice for WB. In one corner raleigh twenty on the other corner folding bike (puzzles at the moment). I have a plan to clean and clear coat raleigh leaving original paintjob as is. For folding bike - I have duomatix hub - (two gear with kickback switch and coaster brake) it will make...
  2. freederix

    Italian Job

    build: Frame made by Mario Peloso - Italian frame master from Alessandria who build this frame some time in late 60's. I bought this frame as a 'nice road frame to make a nice road bike' I start my research what...
  3. freederix

    Italian job.

    I got this custom made frame some time ago. I was about to build nice modern road bike. But... After investigation with help from other bike forum and some people in Italy I find out that this frame was built by frame master Mario Peloso from Alessandria in Italy. Frame was made sometime in...
  4. freederix

    RRBBO13 Chopped or chocolate(?) brownie

    Back to the project I meant to do during winter build off. my starting point is this goodie cave: and all treasures I can find there - with main subject sitting in front. ps. my backup project is kind of half bike Velocino, but I hope I'll finish this one (or both)
  5. freederix


    Black and red commuter. That was a backup project but turn out to be nice. build:
  6. freederix

    Main project needs more time. Backup project to be done.

    I have to leave main project for a better times (summer). I have that frame for quite long time (I'm not sure if racer bikes suits to this forum... but anyway) as I have most parts needed for it - just need to dig them out from my goodie cave.
  7. freederix

    Kind of chopper frame...

    New frame in my little goodie cave. I hope to finish it before end of build off.. I like the look of an old classic motorboats so I will try to print that look onto this bike. well kind of...
  8. freederix

    Set of my production.

    Fat tire cruiser FIXI Hot Rod Black or White or B/W
  9. freederix

    Raw steel cruiser

    Raw steel project. Frame was sandblasted so its raw with all those coloring, imperfections and blasted surface. Just perfect. (blasted frame with fork and fenders cost 60 euro) I had a nuvinci 360 gearbox ( got it with different bike, changed wheel and sold it - Free) so I decided to use it...
  10. freederix

    Ireland here.

    Big hello from Ireland. So many pictures, bikes and inspirations on this forum and whole ratrod website. I'm fixing bikes rescued from scrap yard since I was teenager (could not afford a bike so had to make one on my own...) and now after 25 years I still cant walk away from a dumped bike...