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  1. Stevil

    Bikes And Vans

    Grab that old custom van and join NERRB this summer in Mass. Let’s ride our bikes thru nearby trails,between cars in the parking lot and into highly painted and polished doors of some of the wildest,crazy custom vans in NE. Hang out at my ShagVan and whatever... Stevil
  2. Stevil

    24” Jesse James tank bike

    KZ1000 gave me a Jesse James bike that had been sprayed silver. I had a black one but sold it last year. But I had a 24” Kenda Flame tire with no place to mount. So I felt I should build a 24 “ JJ. Then I found a terrific chrome frame under rust and paint. Bike going together very well. I put...
  3. Stevil

    NERRB Sad Passing

    We at NERRB have a sad announcement ,ZygoteLittle has passed away.Jose Torres was the kindest gentlest man you may have ever rode with. He would travel 3 plus hours to ride a few miles with his club. While we had to hit every pub and brewery on the trail , he would be content with another...
  4. Stevil

    Bell tire on Schwinn rim ?

    I found an unexpected tire size at a ....’s Sporting Goods Store, 26 x1 3/8 and remembered I could use them on some nice ‘67 Schwinn wheels I have at home. But would they fit ? Online research didn’t provide a good answer and my best guess says No. But I bought them anyway. And it killed me...
  5. Stevil

    63rd Annual NERRB Out of Shape NoHo Pub Run

    Who’s got cabin fever? Anyone build a new bike this winter ? We all want to check out a rail trail. We are throwing this ride together guickly so peeps act impulsively and say “Yes” May 12 ,2 ish in the afternoon. Come when you can get there as we usually hang around town to start. Let’s hear...
  6. Stevil

    NERRB Scenic Maine Aug 11

    Hostess : Jane Says Details : TBA
  7. Stevil

    Unknown racer / Sears Spyder Chopper

    Found this frame a few years back,nice aluminum,nasty welds but attractive. It became available cheap so I scooped it up. And then a vintage time trial wheel popped up on CL but around the block,and fit the frame nicely. I was able to use a lot of my last spares in build but Scotty’s in...
  8. Stevil

    Micargi Cyclone fatbike

    Ebay has a Macargi stretch Fatbike frame for sale @ $169. Turns out to be the frame for an electric bike priced @ $2500 ! Sorry no pics but somebody check this out to see if we can swap Dolomite parts on to a Way Cooler frame. No doubt a heavier,longer,more cumbersome bike then we'd like,but...
  9. Stevil

    Homemade 20" Tandem

    OMG this looked sweet from the road as I past the antique store in Clinton,CT. At first look it looked real but closer inspection revealed a descent but fishy weld up job. But nice and straight AND a springer ! Shop wants $300 or best offer. Anybody see possibilities in this cutie ? ...Stevil
  10. Stevil

    Zebra bike

    Found this Zebra bike sitting on CL thru the holidays and finally I slipped and made an offer. Owner had to let it go . I could not find any info online so I felt it was rare Japanese import. Wow,what a sweet piece with shimano shifter,6 speed positron derailer, primos 88 drum brake and...
  11. Stevil

    NERRB: Wanda's Hot Night of Pubs,Hartford

    Wanda S wants to gather all the good children who have worked so tediously on their bikes this year and share the holiday lights of Hartford CT. Doug S and Jim B are off the naughty list and will be there. Dec 10 Saturday. 4 o'clock Bushnell Park .Dinner at nice place. Checking out new spots in...
  12. Stevil

    Copake ,NY April 15,2016

    We all know it's coming ,the Swap that is held on a Friday !? I will bring bikes I had at Dudley . Western Flyer Special 1951 totally rusted but rideable, Dana 3 sped Madwagon blackout, Chromed Huffy Silver Jet now has tank and custom lite. But in addition,my pride n joy Dyno Roadster 3 spd...
  13. Stevil

    Conn Nat'l DRAGWAY coming...

    Hey all you lovers of tire smoke and wheelies,listen up. Efforts to put a 1/8 mile Dragstrip in CT are underway and you can sign up to help... Help the cause to make it happen and we can all enjoy watching or racing...Stevil
  14. Stevil

    Goodyear Hi-Way Patrol

    Spotted outside Northampton,Mass antique shop a rusted 26" GoodYear bike with 2 Speed hub,and handle bar shifter. Ribbed fenders,tank with horn ,chainguard with oiler and completely rusted .All it needs is tires and grease and it'll roll. Sorry no pics but we were all sad to leave it behind @...
  15. Stevil

    Arnie O'Rourke-1/1/48 -8/8/12

    Arnie was a biking buddy of mine and half the team of Gary and Arnie.They would show up at swapmeets, and rides.Arnie had the pickup truck for Gary's Schwinn Spoilers and Arnie's trusted Scotty.Arnie is the guy walking across the field at their beloved Copake Swap (at 1.5 min mark)...
  16. Stevil

    Dudley Ma Bike Swap-July 29

    Anyone see this on Oldroad website ? I need a few things so I'm going and will have stuff to sell. :) Just a guick memo . Anyone else going? :) ..............................Stevil
  17. Stevil

    Ride in a CT Parade 7/9

    Hey all, I'm just helping put the word out for Wanda and Jim : ... vents.html Chat it up here but check with them via email. A truly Great time generally on a 20" bike. 1.5 mile parade but with spins and wheelies it goes 3+ ! :D Up and down hills so...
  18. Stevil

    No MA Halloween ride 10/30,Zombie Pub Crawl 10/29

    The NEMBM has tried for 4 years to have this ride and are too SCARED to try again. RAIN happens to spoil the night. But some of us want to Ride In Costumes. We got 3 folks so far, let's get the crew and others back and try again. Great college town, great bars and ...Costumes.Let's talk it up ...
  19. Stevil

    New England Muscle Bike Museum Swap Meet

    Hey Guys an' Gals There will be a bike swap in CT Sunday and it may be the Last at this spot. Somebody's gotta speak to Jim !!! Here's the site /info ... vents.html Plan on a Great day of swappin and enjoy The Clams. CYA...
  20. Stevil

    Got Edsel ?!!

    I bought a '59 Edsel Ranger this weekend and I'm going crazy! Needed a 50 year old car to drive to shows this year and didn't have alot of $$$ to spend . Saw this 4 door no post V8 Edsel still sitting after 3 month I had to call on it. Owner had to get rid of it so $1250 was the as-is price...