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  1. 37ccmflyte

    Major Taylor style Accles & Pollock British made vintage adjustable racing stem

    Major Taylor style Accles & Pollock British made vintage adjustable racing stem, some remains of chrome. Works perfectly, comes with Ashby headlight mount. Paypal only $220USD plus shipping, item in New Zealand...
  2. 37ccmflyte

    Wanted. CCM Massey triple crown fork.

    Wanted. CCM Massey triple crown fork. Any condition, I can straighten or fix anything. To fit a 1923 mens roadster. Gavin
  3. 37ccmflyte

    WANTED: skip tooth chain

    I am after two matching skiptooth chains so I can make up one with a length of at least 62 inches. Any brand is fine as long as they match! Thanks Gavin
  4. 37ccmflyte

    Wanted; Kelly adjustable bars in restorable condition

    Wanted a set of Kelly bars for restoration. I can rebuild anything. I am looking for something of a project at the cheaper end of the Kelly bar price scale. Looks like I am after an even smaller needle in a larger haystack in that I want Kelly No.5 bars... thanks Gavin
  5. 37ccmflyte

    Anyone know who made this bell and when???

    Anyone know who made this bell and when??? I might HAVE to get one.....
  6. 37ccmflyte

    Wanted bell like one pictured...

    Anyone have one of these bells or know who made them??? Regards Gavin
  7. 37ccmflyte

    Wanted, Adler chain wheel

    Wanted, Adler chain wheel, or lead on one for sale, see photo for style I am after....
  8. 37ccmflyte

    what are these tools for???

    what are these tools for??? Any ideas? they came in a job lot of bicycle tools...
  9. 37ccmflyte

    Yet ANOTHER tangent.... custom 1910 style English "sloping top tube" Path Racer project.

    I got part way through my long lean BSA Path Racer and got distracted my another project... the Sloping top tube Path Racer look appealed to me so I started to look around at the bit of frame I had around and making a plan. Part of the plan was smaller wheels, the bikes back in the 1908-10...
  10. 37ccmflyte

    Off on another tangent.... BSA custom long lean Path Racer "The Archduke" that turns into an Art Deco Roadster!!

    So I can't help myself..... got enough projects AS IT IS and I go and buy two cheap old BSA bike frame and now (of course) I have got carried away.... Here is what I started with... both 1950's
  11. 37ccmflyte

    Wanted. large skip tooth sprocket 30 to 35 or more teeth

    Wanted. large skip tooth sprocket 30 to 35 teeth for project, centre does not matter as I am interested in the outer ring to attach (weld) to a CCM centre. 32 would be ideal. Anything considered. Maybe even bigger.... Anything out there?? Picture is a random 32 sprocket I found on the net...
  12. 37ccmflyte

    CCM FLYTE 2020’s build… “The Flyte of Fancy”

    This going to a long road people.... I don't rush anything and I have other stuff going on and I am always broke, so strap in for the ride! Here is the outline of my latest creation...... The concept is to use an original 1940 CCM Flyte frame & replica curved fork as the base to build a...
  13. 37ccmflyte

    STOP LOOKING AT MORE COOL BIKES TO BUY!!! On staying focused.... :)

    Ok. Cards on the table time, I am an addict. I am addicted to collecting stuff. Not a hoarder... the stuff has to be really nice. :) Always buy quality. My problem is to many projects that spread my meager finances to the point were I can't do justice to any of the projects. I had a...
  14. 37ccmflyte

    Gota love a chain wheel with spokes!!

    This is bound to be a really bad idea... but it looks cool!!
  15. 37ccmflyte

    ideas for internal cabling.... technical...

    Ok. I want to run internal cables on a custom bike I am building. I want basically no visible cables around the bars at all. I know, it's a waste of time, but I happen to HAVE time and a engineering workshop at hand. So here is some background.... It's an old 1930's steel frame. It's a road...
  16. 37ccmflyte

    Great to see the creativity on this site!

    I am very new here and to modified bikes and after a good look around the gallery I must say that I am very impressed with the level of artistic vision, creativity and workmanship I have seen. Very cool stuff guys and girls! Regards Gavin New Zealand
  17. 37ccmflyte

    1937 CCM Flyte owner in New Zealand

    Hiya, just joined the list. I have a 1937 CCM Flyte that has been in my family from new. I am busy fixing the previous two generations of changes! I have also just bought another 1937 CCM Flyte in Canada which I will have sent out to New Zealand and I am looking into making a Ladies version of...