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  1. Tommy Atoms

    Banana Peeler

    At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to get into a build-off this summer but after getting started I was glad I did. I wanted to build a bike for everyday type riding instead of another freakbike that was only good for short rides. I love the feel of a lowrider and Im most comfortable sitting...
  2. Tommy Atoms

    Banana peeler

    Hello again. I normally dont build bikes during the summer but since the global warming scientists have been debunked and Michigan remains gripped in winter I decided I would keep building bikes until summer shows up. So i picked up this JC Penny lightweight 3 speed at a garage sale for 10 bucks...
  3. Tommy Atoms


    Hi Im Tommy and this is my bike.
  4. Tommy Atoms

    Bi-polar Vortex

    Starting with.
  5. Tommy Atoms

    Victus Mortuus

    Im a man of few words but I would like to especially thank my family for bearing with me while I built this bike. Im not sure how many hours went into building this bike but I know there were not many days where I wasn't busy with some aspect of this build. Im sure there were a few times when I...
  6. Tommy Atoms

    Victus Mortuus (Riding Video)

    Ok since I really cannot build a decent ratrod bike, this anything goes category is probably more my forte. The most frequent question I have ever got from people about one of my bikes is about my Skelebike. The question was "Can you ride it?" Ive had many answers over the years in response to...
  7. Tommy Atoms

    Cinco De Mayo Parade Saginaw MI (THIS SAT)

    Hello folks, some of the local bike clubs are going to ride our freakbikes, tallbikes and classic or ratrod bikes this Saturday in Saginaw Michigans Cinco De Mayo parade. We are looking for a few more riders that would be interested in coming up and participating. I know its short notice but I...
  8. Tommy Atoms


    Its finally come time for me to build something new and out of my realm. I really cant see the practicality of building another tall bike having built three of them last year. No need for another vintage cruiser, I have two that have flat tires and dust on them. The kids sure dont need any more...
  9. Tommy Atoms

    BoilerMaker- my 2nd Tall bike updated 8/07

    I know this is a ratrod bike forum and not really a tall bike forum, but I made this one out of old rat rod bikes so I figured what the hay. I thought I had come up with a new bike idea but as is with most things, its been done before. They call this style "Penny Fake Thing" and theres a few on...
  10. Tommy Atoms

    High Horse - Tallbike

    Since this bike build is constantly changing, I will use this post to show its current state. You can follow the build below.
  11. Tommy Atoms

    Who makes the best chrome paint?

    Last year I purchased some chrome paint to paint a Freakbike Nation (great lakes) trophy. I used Vaspars brilliant metal and was pretty happy with the results from a can. Lets see what you guys and gals have used. And post pics if you have some.
  12. Tommy Atoms

    Anyone up for a tall bike challenge?

    Just purchased a couple of frames from Eric (theflyingdingo) and Im eager to get started on building my first tall bike. I want to get this done before the official start of summer so we need to start soon. As for rules, I think the only rule should be that you have to start with at least two...
  13. Tommy Atoms

    Chain Gang Blues

  14. Tommy Atoms

    My dark side

    As some of you might know by my past works, that I have a bit of a dark side to me. :P One of my hobbies is to make skeleton art, mainly skulls and I have been doing it for a longer than I have been building bikes. Recently I was asked by a website, after submitting pictures of my Skelebike, to...
  15. Tommy Atoms

    Widened Handlebars

    I got tired of how apehangers always seemed to look to narrow on my 26" typhoon so I decided to widen them a bit. I started with a gold plated handlebar that I picked up at Petri bikes for $5. Then after some careful sanding I was able to remove the gold chrome with some 600 grit. I then cut the...
  16. Tommy Atoms

    Billetproof Ypsilanti, MI Pics

    Me and my son decided to go to the Billetproof car show since it was in the town right next to ours this weekend. We took our new pit bikes to get around on and we were really surprized at the lack of bicycles there. Im glad we went and represented the bicycle kulture and we ended up getting a...
  17. Tommy Atoms

    5 dollar Shelby (before and after)

    As you may have seen before this is the bike I pulled from the unsold pile at the Ann Arbor bike show for 5 dollars. After some good ole elbow grease and alot of patience and a few new items, this one is now ridable again. this is my new pit bike for car shows and festivals and other gatherings...
  18. Tommy Atoms

    20" Shelby Eagle

    Picked this one up in Ann Arbor today for 5 bucks. Nobody wanted it in the poormans auction so the guy says give me 5 bucks for it and its yours. I then Loaded it in the van. Everything is there on this one except whatever went on the front fender. Nothing seized up either and no paintover...
  19. Tommy Atoms

    pinstripe question

    Im looking to have some striping done on one of my bikes. Not ever having had this done before I was wondering what is a reasonable price? I dont want to insult anyone by flipping out a $50 and asking what can I get for this much. Also, does anyone have any recommendations of pinstripers in S.E...
  20. Tommy Atoms

    Tom Thumb Tiki bike

    As some of you may know or not know, some of us are having a mini buildoff at this years Detroit Autorama. ... f=6&t=2613 I decided to build a mini tiki bike in 50 days. Autorama is Feb. 26th-28th. See frame build below...