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  1. justride

    A little help with this one

    A friend picked this one up the other day, and I'm really not sure what it is. I was thinking Huffy, but the bracket on the seat stays is throwing me off.
  2. justride

    Help a brother out in North Carolina?

    Hey guys, I bought a bike on eBay the other day, and, well... I missed the part where they would not ship it. I'm trying to find someone in or near Madison/Greensboro North Carolina who could pick up a bike for me and drop it at a bike shop for shipping. The person that has it is incapable of...
  3. justride

    GYSOT! - Get You Some of That! - She's a Rider - heading to the Finished Bikes forum soon.

    I can't believe this is my fourth BBO - man, time flies! I have been thinking about building a bike like this for a while now, and I figured BB10 is as good a time as any. I'm starting with a 2008 Felt Hurley, and will be transforming this in to something different. Something pretty fast, and...
  4. justride

    Paint Stripper

    Top Tip - What's the difference between these two products? The one on the left goes on quick, sprays acid, and will remove cheap rattle can paint, but is useless on quality paint. The one on the right goes on slow, with a brush, and will eat through pretty much anything - including skin. While...
  5. justride

    Jayne - 1954 Schwinn Hornet

    This is going to be a slow build, but I got the itch to work on something, and started in. This is a 1954 Schwinn Hornet that I picked up along with Skirt Chaser a few years back. The bike is 100% original, with the tank, fenders, rack, light, chain guard, etc. The chain guard and pedal are in...
  6. justride

    Epoxy primer over "vintage" paint

    A few years back I purchased a complete 1953 Hornet girls bike. The thing had been garaged, so there is remarkably little rust. Unfortunately, there is some hardened black gunk on the frame that simply won't come off without damaging the paint, so I'm going to have to repaint it. I'm taking...
  7. justride

    Bones Bomber

    Coming soon, but here's a teaser...
  8. justride

    Skirt Chaser

    Shirt Chaser was my first attempt at a "restoration". No, this is not a concourse restoration, the entire intent was to give this old bike new life so it could be ridden and enjoyed once more. I finished her up last Saturday, just in time for the Shiny Side Up show in San Jose. She is a...
  9. justride

    Skirt Chaser

    After going back and forth on the bike I wanted to enter, I have finally settled on her - a 1950's Mercury Airflight. It's my first girls bike, and the first one that I will be doing a straight restoration. I'll be selling this one after it's built, and the proceeds will be going to a local...
  10. justride

    This is me throwing my hat in the ring!

    No pics - hopefully tomorrow, but I've got a killer resto-mod in mind. Unlike Bar Fly (BBO8), or The Bishob (BB07), this one is going to test my painting ability. Which is decidedly lacking... Just need to come up with a name and snap some pics, and then GTB! Been looking forward to this one...
  11. justride

    A little help dating this Schwinn

    I picked up this barn find BF Goodrich Schwinn from CycleTruck a while back, and set about finding the date on it. I looked on the serial number tables, and it's a pre '48, so out of luck there. I then took the cranks out, and unlike my 41 DX, there is no date on the cranks - just AS & CO on...
  12. justride

    Removing Paint from Anodized Aluminum

    So, I'm looking at some red anodized MTB style bars, and it seems like all of the bars our there have pretty flashy paint on them - like those in the image below. Any suggestions on removing those logos without damaging the anodized coating?
  13. justride

    Replacement oil cap for New Departure Model D Hub?

    So, like many of us, I have a New Departure Model D, and the oil cap it long gone. Has anyone either a) located a supply of these little buggers so I can complete rebuilding a vintage hub or b) come up with a novel idea for replacing these caps with something else so I can complete rebuilding a...
  14. justride

    Monark II fork problem. Hopefully solving with Plasti Dip

    So I got these Monark II forks for my daughter's bike. The frame she has is a postwar DX that I lovingly painted pink and black for her. Then I put on the Monark II forks, and while it wasn't the best handling bike in the world, it sure looks cool. Well, fast forward a bit, and her bike fell...
  15. justride

    Best way to paint triple tree forks?

    I've been contemplating a build over the past few weeks - another barn find DX - and the build is pretty much screaming for a triple tree fork. The problem is, the fork needs to be painted to match the frame. I've worked with triple trees before, and I'm afraid that if I paint the legs, that...
  16. justride

    57mm 3G Jemima rims on a vintage Schwinn?

    Any insights on this? I thinking of putting some on a B6 or post-war DX frame. Narrow tires, so no fatties to worry about, but maybe a 57mm rim with a 2.35" tires on it. Anyone try it? I did with a 24", and it works fine (as it should), but not so confident with the 26"...
  17. justride

    Barney - the Three Hour Klunker Build

    Last Saturday, on a whim, I decided to stop in at a local bike shop that had been in business for a very, very long time. I've been in there before, found some interesting stuff. In this case, I saw some pretty stout BMX bars on the wall - in a dark ivy green. A shade of green that's very...
  18. justride

    A Monark Type II Fork, a post-war DX frame and the wobblies

    Hey all. I have been building up a street going klunker, and installed some of the new Monark Type II forks on it to get the right look and comfort I was looking for. I think it looks great, but the handling is just... bad. I mean, it's impossible to ride it no-hands, and sharp turns are more...
  19. justride

    Pinkie - 1952 DX

    My daughter has been riding The Bishop (my BB07) bike for a while now, and when I decided to sell that (well, give it away in exchange for a donation to a charity), she convinced me that she needed a new bike. She's 17, so it needed to be a little girly, but not that girly. I started with a...
  20. justride

    Bar Fly

    This is what she started as, a 1953 Schwinn Straight Bar that I picked up at a flea market with a few other bikes and parts. After building The Bishop last year, I really wanted to go in a different direction with this one. Less polish, more rust. Less Cafe Racer, more Rat Rod. After a...