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    Raleigh chopper parts

    Hi Guys Im building a full NOS mk1 chopper crossover from a nos warranty frame I was so lucky to find, if any one have any nos mk1 or mk2 parts please let me know, as crossovers shared parts too cheers
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    Sturmey Archer Shifter

    Would it be for sale? thanks
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    '72 Manta Ray

    That's stunning :)
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    Raleigh Chopper

    Looks like that will clean up great! Sweet bike :)
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    Haz from Wales

    Cheers guys! There's a few more too
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    Haz from Wales

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    Haz from Wales

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    Haz from Wales

    Will do
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    Haz from Wales

    What shop you got? And where abouts..
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    Haz from Wales

    Cheers haha
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    Haz from Wales

    Hey up guys! I'm haz from Wales I'm own a lot of raleigh choppers and a few muscle bikes, including a schwinn :) Currently in New Hampshire for a few weeks on vacation :) Haz