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    Re: POST PHOTOS HERE FOR FACEBOOK "BIKE OF THE DAY!" Thanks - another half-finished project of mine :-p
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    Schwinn Tornado rat and Copper Chopper

    I'm back on here after a few years away from bikes. Here's an update on the Schwinn Tornado: original seat painted and recovered with leather I saved from a chair I reupholstered; rear rack stripped and painted to match (still need to do some faux patina for a closer match); Nexus 3-speed...
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    Riki-Tiki-Rati (update "mystical driftwood tank")

    Re: Riki-Tiki-Rati I love it, really creative touches, nice job!
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    Western Flyer Tricycle

    I love the styling on those old trike. The extra details (springer saddle, bows on the front fork) really make it look special. Had one like that myself. Called it Two Bike (I was two, it was my bike).
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    Just got a new toy.. Anyone into vintage campers?

    This is my 62 Shasta camper project, the birchwood interior is nearly done, still need rear sofabed cushion, curtains, exterior paint, propane, water and electricity. I'm hoping to finish the interior soon and use it for a couple of local overnighters. When I'm finished it will look a lot...
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    Dodge Dart... a conversation starter

    Drove a 63 Dart in high school and college, it had the bulletproof slant six and push button on the dash automatic. Beige, 4 door granny car. In college the alternator started to go bad, but I was too poor to replace it, so at night in the winter I would plug in a battery charger and run an...
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    Ladies Post-Apoc Zombie Bike

    I've heard that a 50/50 mix of Acetone and Automatic Transmission Fluid works very well at breaking loose rusted bolts etc. I mixed up some Ford Type F ATF with acetone and put it into an oil can to squirt it on. I am patiently waiting to see if it will work on a rusty exhaust manifold on my 63...
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    Arizona OJ

    Tequila sunrise!
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    black bikes?

    The Copper Chopper - still working on this one, I'm going to change out or get rid of the fenders
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    1957 schwinn identity crisis

    It will take balloon tires, I used a set from an 80s beach cruiser, bobbed the fenders on mine (a Tornado) and changed out the handlebars and seat, but I don't like the seat. As purchased With my changes
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    Spaceliners-AngelWing and DevilWing (AngelWing updated 10/9)

    Great builds, I love spaceliners in stock setup, but you're taking these to new heights! Nice job cleaning that chrome on angelwing, it looked pretty rough, any tips for how to do a nice job like this?
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    building a bike for the girlfriend

    Great looking project. Any decision on color yet?
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    Schwinn Tornado rat and Copper Chopper

    I used the open end of a cup that was big enough to be wider than the fender and traced the arc from the cup onto the fender with a sharpie. You'll probably have to do some of the arc then angle the cup in place to trace the last ends of the line. Any cup or rounded edge that you can flex a...
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    Evans found at Hershey AACA

    Yeah, it's a supercool springer. I may hold off on building this until the next Build Off. I've wanted to enter before but haven't had the time.
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    Schwinn Tornado rat and Copper Chopper

    I picked this up last year -- it's changed a bit, I'm still not happy with my attempt at bending the seat post, but I like the look pretty well and it rides much better with the fat cruiser wheels and tires. I used my Dremel tool to trim the fenders (used a sharpie and a paper cup to draw the...
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    Evans found at Hershey AACA

    It's been a loong time since I've posted here, life gets in the way like that for me, along with multiple hobbies and projects. Anyway, I took the pickup to Hershey on Friday for the Antique Automobile Club of America fall meet, hoping to score a bike or two. This was my only deal, the guy...
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    My Second Bike - Tequila Sunrise

    Beautiful! do you still own it? How would you change the rear tire if it went flat?
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    Great great bike, and the video is a nice piece of moviemaking too!! Lots of people would love to own a bike that different.
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    Nogoodnic's Seat!

    Nice use of the windlace! Man I gave away a bunch of pieces of that from a couple cars I had parted out :D Love to see your seat work, it's top notch.