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    My"Skid Master"

    Holy crap. A bagged Edsel WAGON. that may be the coolest car I've seen in a month of Sundays. :shock: And the bike ain't bad either :lol:
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    Re: early bicycle photos Hey Gerwin - any details on that great picture of the skeleton on the bike? That would make great ink! I really love all the vintage pics. My family has pictures of my grandfather and a friend in riding gear in the 30's, but not with bikes. I don't have a copy...
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    R-U Experienced?

    LOVE the pics with the tree. Especially the non-flash ones that have that great vintage tint. Good work on the bike, better work on the pix!!
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    Any info on this bike?

    Not sure....but keep it away from the Capulet bikes. You'll end up with 2 dead pixie bikes.
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    Pics of some offbeat coolness!!!!

    There were bikes? All I saw was that animation at the bottom of the post!!!! 8)
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    Just Finished.... Old Murray Cruiser

    a Murray Cranbrook! I'm working on my second one (look up the Blue Bomber thread in the "other bikes" forum or an old Beer bike thread) Good lookin bike. They ride nice and smooth, and look really great for a not-too-old bike. I picked my first one up at a yard sale for $4. I think the...
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    reinforcing a seat tube

    I seem to remember someone mentioning reinforcing a seat post. Any more info? I'm guessing you just tap in a smaller pipe that snugly fits inside the post, thereby doubling the wall thickness. Got any examples, ideas, instructions?
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    Blue Bomber clunker begins

    I picked up the starter bike for the clunker project. I'm calling it the blue bomber since I'll end up painting it Rustoleum Sail Blue. I've always wanted a blue mountain bike, so this will be it. It's a mid 80's murray cranbrook, and has a brand new rear wheel. The customer abandoned it at...
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    never seen one of these before

    okay, I'll probably get banned for this, but... flat black it and drop in a turbo VTEC, and hold the heck on. What a blast to kill the unsuspecting muscle car guys. Now, remember before you blast me for engine choice there that my daily rod is a fast Mustang GT, but light weight and...
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    Side of the road

    It's oozing something, all right. I think it's virginia creeper vine!! Fattroy, I agree about them having souls. I'm a firm believer that if you link enough mechanical or electronic components, it develops a soul of some kind. You see it in cars, bikes, computers. And some of those cars...
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    A bike I would love, but could never afford...

    I had a chrome frame "Hawk" BMX bike that was a dept store knock off of the nice stuff, probably got it in 82 or 83, Most of the components were this freaky blue chrome, but the wheels were 5 spoke aluminum mags and were powdercoated blue. Had the top bar pads and all. Heavy as pig iron, but...
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    Found an interesting reprint on an article on repack. Good pics of Fisher on a diamond frame clunker. ... index.html
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    sure, some of the original guys did. I bet it was pretty common on discarded bikes of the day. I think one of the bikes in the previously posted links had that set-up.
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    yep. had to repack the rears because the coaster would get so hot they'd burn off the grease (!!!!) When I get mine built, it's coaster only and one speed, just better bars and contact points. I think the movie is called Repack. I can't wait, I think it's pretty close to being available...
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    I'm about to build one. My LBS has a late eighties Murray arch frame cruiser that the owner refuses to pick up after having a new wheel installed, so I can get it for the cost of the wheel ($30). It already has flat bars and knobby tires, but I'm planning on swapping them. Poetically enough...
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    cargo-bike project

    All you need is a ten and a fiver fake ID and a sober driver Bee double ee double R U N.... I love the checkered seat. Ever look at the Xtracycle website? Great concept, but way too pricey. Just build yourself a kegarator trailer and you're ready to roll!
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    Help! - Adjusting Rear Derailleurs - Deore XT to be exact

    I've got a FSR XC Pro, but it's running Sram driveline. My hardtail trek has Deore, though. I second the thought about checking the alignment of the deraileur wheel to the desired cog. Start by bottoming out to the biggest cog and then counting the gear changes up to a mid range gear. If you...
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    Anyone need a riding lawnmower???

    hey Randy, you can practice on my yard. It's already butchered.
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    someone call Department of Human Services...

    I always wondered how pro freeriders got started. If the kid wasn't smiling ear to ear, I'd be concerned, but he obviously loves it. I mean, how many of us ramp-jumped and tried to be the next BMX god growing up, and I never even owned a helmet. They've got him in helmet and knee guards...
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    @@ MySpace=BikeSpace @@

    As cool as all those rides are ( and they ARE cool), you get the most points for that whitewall wheel set with the big-honkin' DISK BRAKE on it. He77 Yeah! And the shop is great. Looks like an art gallery!