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  1. Manny Moons

    Swing Bike Gallery

    Heres my swingbike. 5 speed, wheelie bar... Hold on tight... Its a scary ride!
  2. Manny Moons

    Bike Gang Name Ideas...

    how about, SKID MARKS ??? here's our B.C. (went a little over-board with the NSFW but oh well haha)
  3. Manny Moons

    black bikes?

  4. Manny Moons

    The 1st!

    WOW! love that one. one of the best that ive seen thus far. its looking more like a rat rod!
  5. Manny Moons


    wow! talk about raising the bar. coolest bike so far, imo
  6. Manny Moons

    Downtown Red Rat Ross

    wish I had a welder. Lots of possibilities when you bring that into the equation. Few more days left!!!
  7. Manny Moons

    >> Elvis << 99% Complete Updt 11/28 Took a chance and it

    Very nice! Excellent! Excellent! Any plans for some fenders down the road? I think that will really bring the bike together. Looks awesome tho! Congrats
  8. Manny Moons

    ~~~~NEW SITE~~~~

    Steve, I noticed something about the site today and not sure if its been mentioned before... but when a link is posted and clicked on, it uses your current open browser to open the link. It doesnt open a new window. You may want to consider changing that so ppl dont get lost and lose the site if...
  9. Manny Moons

    Snubbed by snotty Road Bikers!

    :mrgreen: More here:
  10. Manny Moons

    My new frame!

    Fun! Looks a little like the bikes being sold here .
  11. Manny Moons

    kooters scooter....

    you have two weeks! Ready? Set. Go!
  12. Manny Moons

    What kind of frame is this?

    nice ride. looks like a j.c. higgins to me :)
  13. Manny Moons

    My newest bike, what do you think?

    HAHA thats awesome. reminds me of this picture:
  14. Manny Moons


    I like the look. especially the tool bag on the front. nice touch. reminds me of this bike.
  15. Manny Moons


    great theme bike. I really like this one. Hows it ride?
  16. Manny Moons

    Can anybody help this guy find this bike?

    theres a complete bike on ebay now. 2 days left. ... dZViewItem
  17. Manny Moons

    it was a good morning.

    bad ... dude!
  18. Manny Moons

    Hello from Florida

    welcome! have you checked out the military bikes other members here have made?
  19. Manny Moons

    according to this site ( ... 69/Bike+Me ), its about $3,500. Not sure if thats fully loaded or base model.
  20. Manny Moons

    looks like the site is up and running.