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  1. RustySprockets

    Vintage AMF Pedals - $2 (Elkton, MD)

    NOS 1/2" block pedals on sealed card. Too distant to make the trip or I'd grab them myself!
  2. RustySprockets

    Ladies Columbia Step-through -- $50 (Finksburg, MD)

    Terrible photos, but the bike looks complete.
  3. RustySprockets

    Pre-war Shelby??

    This specimen, resplendent in its red house paint, is up for grabs locally. My tentative ID is based mostly on the chainring style, which I believe was common on Shelby-produced bikes. Anyone willing to chime in?
  4. RustySprockets

    1946 CWC Roadmaster -- auction (Mt Bethel, PA) it's not eBay. It is an online auction house, so I'm guessing this is the proper place to list this very nice specimen. Check out those funky add-on front brakes! At the time of this posting, the bidding stood at $50 + 18% buyer premium--$59 total...
  5. RustySprockets

    Ladies Columbia Cruiser -- $20 (Ashburn, VA)

    Maybe a good foundation for a gender-bend project or a straight restoration. Tough to beat the price in this current climate.
  6. RustySprockets

    2020 Schwinn Collegiate Tribute Bike--American Made

    Check your couch cushions...this sweet re-imagining of a loved classic is hand-built and doesn't come cheap.
  7. RustySprockets

    Schwinn 'Camelback' Varsity -- $125 (Hydes, MD)

    We were just having a discussion about these mythical 10-speeds, and this example is a real show-stopper.
  8. RustySprockets

    Schwinn DX frame + parts -- $250 (Columbia, MD)

    Not such a bad looking frame, but the seller is asking way more than I'd be willing to pay. Hope it can find a home.
  9. RustySprockets

    Bicycling in Complete Safety

  10. RustySprockets

    Stop, Swap & Save 2021

    Happy Valentine's Day! For those who like to plan way, WAY ahead.
  11. RustySprockets

    Specialized Rockhopper -- FREE (Sykesville, MD)

    UPDATE: This item was gifted within a few hours of posting. Sure hope it went to a good home. Maybe someone who lives closer would like to hop on this deal? It's tough to beat that price point...
  12. RustySprockets

    Hawthorne? Skip-Tooth Crank -- $20 (Towson, MD)

    Just in case someone is searching...
  13. RustySprockets

    23rd Annual Stop, Swap & Save -- Westminster, MD

    "The STOP, SWAP AND SAVE is the place to sell your old parts and bikes or take advantage of unbelievable deals on everything you need for a great season of cycling. Buy, sell, browse, shop, trade or just hang out with industry reps, individual vendors, bike shops, manufacturers and like-minded...
  14. RustySprockets

    Park Tool Pro Repair Stand -- $30 (Alexandria, VA)

    This is a very early version of the Park PRS-3 single-arm stand, including the base. Looks like it could use a little TLC and a replacement pair of plastic jaw cushions. I refurb'd a similar stand for my own use and it wasn't a tough job--treat yourself...
  15. RustySprockets

    Another day...

    ...another free bicycle. Not much to look at, but the parts have found a good home.
  16. RustySprockets

    20" Mongoose 'Fat Bike' -- $50 (Crofton, MD)

    Okay...not my usual fare, but when I see this I start thinking The Return of Fugly!
  17. RustySprockets

    Schwinn Dᴇʙʙɪᴇ -- $60 (Hunt Valley, MD)

    Unusual base model that would lend itself nicely to a gender-change via TRM tank. Looks good, except for the rubber and pedal blocks.
  18. RustySprockets

    A Visit to the Dumpster

    I made my post-weekend trip past the community dumpster, mostly in search of leather scraps for saddles and other little baubles. That's when my eye catches a glimpse of this clapped out piece of trash. WAIT... Is that a roller brake? And, a Nexus hub? Oh, hail yes! The bicycle deities are...
  19. RustySprockets

    Ladies 1940s Hawthorne -- $0 (BelAir, Md)

    My favorite price-point! I'd be all over this, if it wasn't a wee bit outside my area. And...why yes...that IS a Delta torpedo headlight.
  20. RustySprockets

    Schwinn Tornado (disassembled) -- $75 (Westminster, MD)

    Someone's unfinished project--frame blasted & primed. The remainder needs TLC. (see the ad.) If you ever wanted one of these uncommon twin-bar frames, here's your chance at basement prices.