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  1. moonbase

    how do i turn off email alerts?

    I come to the site every day, and I like that the alerts are displayed on the forum, but I'd prefer not to receive an email every time someone posts to a forum I've commented on. Is there a way to edit that feature? Thanks
  2. moonbase

    1937 Elgin Oriole

    I just got this frame a few days ago from another member. thanks again, yeshoney. He used it a few years ago in Build Off 7, and as much as that fantastic bike deserved to stay together, his willingness to part with the frame and my ability to rationalize made it happen. Check out the bike he...
  3. moonbase

    Morrow Coaster Brake spoke size

    I recently picked up a Morrow Coaster brake, and would like some help confirming some information before I begin my first wheelbuilding project. It's stamped O1 36 13, and my understanding is that means it was made in the first quarter of 1945, and will need to be laced with 13 gauge spokes, 36...
  4. moonbase

    Elgin Twin Bar Headset size?

    I just acquired a 1940 Elgin Twin Bar frame, and I need to pick up a headset to get started. Does anyone have a link to a source, threaded or threadless? Thanks in advance.